Friday, July 19, 2013

This is Amazing!

I wanted to share this video because I think it is absolutely amazing!

This guy is Kevin Olusola. He is a member of the acapella group Pentatonix.  They won season 3 of a show called The Sing Off on NBC. The group itself is amazing and you really should look them up on Youtube and see some of the stuff they've done, it's incredible! They do covers of mostly hip hop type stuff.. but it's all acapella.. you'll be blown away, I promise!

Well this guy, Kevin, he does the beats for the group. But he's more than that. He's also a cellist (plays the cello) and beatboxes while he plays. He calls it Celloboxing.
This particular song (Heart Attack by Demi Lovato) sounds so classy with the violins and cello and piano and all.. but then he adds the beats to it.. it still sounds classy, and it's incredible he can do both at the same time!! Crazy! Right?

See for yourself:

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