Monday, July 1, 2013

Remus Update

Sorry for the poor quality picture.. my camera stinks! My digital cameras have died, all I'm left with is the cellphone and it's not that great..

Remus is about 10 weeks old now. Still a hyper, crazy puppy.. not too bad since he sleeps most of the time anyway. When he's awake he can be a bit of a pain.. he likes getting into stuff. But we just make sure to redirect his energy.. like taking him for a walk or something, and after a short while he's pooped and ready for another long nap! Makes life pretty simple.

I'm not really working on any sort of training with him. His attention span is too short, and he's more interested in playing than learning commands. I did teach him sit.. and that's about all he knows right now. So instead of working on actual training sessions, I'm just working on teaching proper behaviors like what is appropriate to chew on, and where the appropriate place to go potty is. We're also working on walking on a leash. For now, that's about all we can handle! But he's doing pretty well in these departments.. well, not the leash walking, but that will come in time.. as soon as he's big enough to fit into the Gentle Leader I have for him.

We may get him into an Obedience Training class.  This is definitely a priority on my list.. but affording it is the only set back.

We're putting a lot of focus right now on socializing him. The training classes would help in this department once I can afford them. In the meantime we're just trying to expose him to as much as we possibly can. Anytime we go anywhere, he comes with us if he's able. Of course we don't take him grocery shopping or anything.. but if we're going to the park, he comes. If we go to the pet store, he comes. He's already met a ton of new people, and he absolutely loves meeting people!

On Saturday we brought him to PetSmart to get some flea prevention meds for him, and we were approached by an employee asking if we had any questions. She introduced herself as one of the trainers there. After petting Remus for a few minutes she told us we were doing a great job socializing him! He shows nothing but excitement when he meets new people.. he'll even roll over for belly rubs! Who can resist?

The only trouble we're having is socializing him with other dogs! We brought him to the pet store hoping he'd have a chance to meet another dog.. but he did not. The only other dog in the store didn't seem too friendly.
So Sunday we went to the canal for a walk. Normally there are plenty of other dog walkers on the canal. Not Sunday though. The only other dog we saw the whole time was on the opposite side of the canal.
We'll keep trying of course.. and with any luck we'll get him into those training classes, that will help a lot!

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