Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Remus made a friend!

Over the weekend we brought Remus to the pet store. It was busy that day, which turned out to be a good thing. We know the importance of socializing a dog while they're young.. so we've been doing our best to get Remus out as much as possible. He does great with people, he LOVES meeting new people.. if someone walks by him and doesn't stop to say hi he'll try to follow them! When they do stop to say hi he gets so excited! He might jump a little, and nip a little.. and he also rolls over for belly rubs! Yeah.. we'll work on the jumping at some point.. but right now I think the socialization is the most important part. He knows sit, so we'll just work on getting him to sit when he meets new people.
Anyway.. we were having a problem introducing him to new dogs. We haven't come across many. He might have met a couple.. but wasn't able to get too close.
Finally on Saturday he met a dog just about the right size for him, who was also a little playful. The other owner came right up and let his dog play with Remus for a good 10 minutes or so, it was so nice to see! I'm so glad Remus finally got a chance to socialize with another dog!
My son took this video of the 2 dogs playing together. I don't remember what breed of dog the other one is.. it's a mix of a couple things I hadn't heard of before. The guy says it in the video towards the end. I do know she's about 2 years old.. so that's as big as she's going to get.. but of course Remus is still only about a quarter of the size he's going to get!!
Remus also got to meet a full size black lab at the pet store, named Murphy. When Remus stood on his hind legs he was just able to reach Murphy's face! It was so cute to see the 2 standing next to each other, I wish I'd gotten a picture!

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