Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back to Work I Go

Today I started a new job. It's a short-term, part-time job helping out at a small sporting goods store. I'm creating a customer database for them. The job should take just a few weeks to complete. This week I'm only working a couple of days, but next week I should be able to work close to full-time hours. Doesn't matter either way, I'm not paid by the hour, I'm paid based on how much work I accomplish.. and I can type pretty fast!

It's boring work, and not easy on the eyes staring at a computer screen all day.. but it's work and we could use the money for back to school!

They've mentioned once or twice that this could turn into a permanent thing.. probably extremely part-time though. Hey, I'll take it! I don't really want a whole ton of hours or a whole ton of pressure.. but something I can do here and there to bring in some cash.

We'll see how things go.

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