Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What else is new?

I've been pretty focused on doggy stuff lately, as can be expected.

So how about a post that has nothing to do with dog stuff?

The kids are all finishing school this week. Javy's last exam was yesterday so he's done now. I imagine he failed a couple classes. He wasn't doing too well most of the year. He most definitely failed science, last I knew his grade in that class was in the 50's. Math was iffy.. and what's sad is he was repeating math anyway.. so he may be repeating it again unless he did well on the exam. English (they call it ELA these days) was up and down all year. He failed ELA in 9th grade, but was able to take both 9th and 10th grade ELA this year.. but a lot of it will depend on the final exams. Social Studies is the only one I know for certain he probably passed. He'd been doing so well all year, he really enjoyed the subject.

Today will be Mathieu's last day. My baby is going to be a Kindergartener now! (Wipes away a tear).

The other 3 have half days all this week, and their last day will be Thursday. I have no doubt they all passed with flying colors, of course. In the fall Aydan will be entering 2nd grade, and the twins will enter 6th. My how time flies!

Aydan's 7th birthday is this coming Saturday. We don't have any major plans.. we never do anymore. We'll just get him a cake and a couple presents. Aunt Doris got him a bike from a garage sale, so we'll see her this weekend.

My van is dying so we're trying to sell it to get a couple hundred bucks out of it so we can catch up on bills. We'll be down to just 1 car, the Jeep. It doesn't fit us all.. but it's rare we all go anywhere together anymore.. Javy tends to just stay home and walk or bike to places nearby that he wants to go. Tyler isn't overly interested in going places with us anymore either. They grow up too fast!

Hubby's been more stressed than usual because of the situation at work. He has yet another new manager and the guy is a jerk. Hubby's been at this job 9 years now, knows what he's doing, is one of the best in the company.. and he just hates getting new managers that step in and mess everything up on him. He's been trying really hard to find a new job, but it's just not working.

As for me.. I'm loving being a stay at home mom, and the lack of stress from having to work. Although the lack of money is really stressful and we're having trouble cutting back. I've mentioned a few times that perhaps I should find another job.. but I really don't want to, and hubby doesn't want me to either. I'm just doing what I can online to help out. Swagbucks has been a huge help! By meeting the daily Swagbucks goal I've been able to earn about $40 a month in Amazon gift cards, and I use that towards stuff we need and want for the dog. On Bubblews I've been making around $25 a week, and that's been going into our bank accounts to help with bills and such. As of yesterday I set a new goal, to save up enough to get the puppy into obedience training. Sure we're doing great on our own and probably don't really NEED the class, but obedience training classes are for more than just training. I primarily want to get into it for the socialization. I most definitely want Remus socialized with other dogs and people.. so that's my current goal!

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