Thursday, June 13, 2013

Update on Turbo..

We've had Turbo about a month and a half now. The dog sure seems to have a lot of problems which I am guessing came from a severe lack of socialization as a puppy. It's really unfortunate that we don't know his history at all. The shelter told us they found him as a stray. We think it's possible his previous owners had abused him slightly. Over all he's a friendly dog.. but he's got his problems.

We haven't made a whole lot of headway in solving any of his problems. I've been working on training him basic commands, and he picks them up really quickly.. but the training sessions have not changed his over all behavior. Basically he'll only do what he's told when he's in an active training session. I can get him to sit, stay, lie down, leave it, shake, and come on command.. if he wants to. We've also taught him to take treats nicely instead of biting our hands when he goes for the treat.. this works maybe half the time. Sometimes he gets really excited. We've recently started teaching him to take toys nicely.. this is a work in progress.

If we'd gotten any other dog who learns as quickly as Turbo, we'd probably have a perfect dog by now..
Turbo still has a major biting problem! Once he gets excited, you can't even walk through the room with him around. He'll go for your feet and bite and shake! This has been our biggest problem with him since the start. We know he's playing, he doesn't do it to be mean.. but it still hurts like heck and scares the kids!
All the research I've done says to turn around and ignore him when he does this and he'll get the hint that in order to get your attention he can't bite.

Well that's not working! I think it actually makes things worse.

I've noticed he mostly does this to the people in the house he doesn't get attention from.. mainly my oldest son who is rarely ever home.. and when he is home he locks himself in his room. The dog only sees him passing through from time to time.. and the dog gets really excited when he sees him.

Outside is another problem. He does great on walks, but if we put him on his tie out, we can't go within his reach or he'll try to play rough with us. This actually drives him crazy. He starts getting really worked up. We'll stand nearby and toss toys for him to fetch, or we'll play tug.. but after a few minutes he just wants a person to play with. He'll stand there and bark, whine, jump, and try to reach us... but we can't go near him or we'll get hurt.

We are racking our brains trying to come up with ways to teach him to play nice..

We've gotten to a point where we are seriously debating getting a 2nd dog just to give Turbo someone he can play with the way he wants..

We don't have dog parks nearby.. the only one there is has a lot of aggressive dogs that visit there regularly so that's out of the question.We tried a playdate and that didn't work out so well.. but Turbo doesn't have any actual dog aggression.. he's okay with dogs walking past him while out on a walk and such.. he just doesn't know what to do when another dog is face to face with him.. again, lack of socialization as a puppy!

Turbo did get fixed about a week ago.. we are hoping this helps his activity level.. it should take about a month for him to work all the testosterone out of his system and really see a difference.. if there will be a difference. So we're hoping and praying he calms down a little and becomes easier to handle.

For now I'm just doing everything I can to train him, wear out his energy levels, and keep the kids safe from his over-excited play!

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