Thursday, June 6, 2013

The threat of stillness..

The other day I mentioned a situation where Turbo had met another dog, and his body was very stiff. I knew this was a sign that he was uncomfortable and it could lead to danger.

Today I wanted to share an article I came across that explains why a stiff dog is dangerous:

This is important information and I encourage everyone to read it. As a dog owner, it's my responsibility to keep everyone safe. So it's important that I know how my dog may react to a situation. By knowing that stiffness is not a good sign, I can get my dog away from situations when he becomes stiff so that he doesn't hurt anyone else. Also, if he comes in contact with another dog who is stiff, I can get him away from that dog before he gets hurt. It's also good to know even if you don't own dogs so that you can keep yourself and your children safe from a dangerous situation.

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