Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New York City

On May 30th the twins went on a school field trip to New York City. They left at 5am. They were supposed to return home around 10pm.. but they didn't actually get home until 1am! It was a Thursday night, so needless to say they did not go to school the next day.

I bought them each a disposable camera to take with them. I did not go, although it would have been nice to.. though I think the 100 or so kids would end up driving me crazy! LOL

Tyler took some pics of the dog that morning.. then a bunch of pics of the bus, the traffic along the way, and I think he got 1 pic of the NY skyline. I won't be sharing his pics :)

Tristan got a bunch of nice shots!!

Here's a few she got of Time Square.. they were on their way to a museum called Moma.

 Central Park, where they had lunch!

 On a ferry ride..
 That miserable kid at the bottom of this pic is Tyler..

 The skyline from the bus.
 Yankee Stadium!

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