Friday, June 14, 2013

Giving up Turbo

It was a very difficult decision to make, but we have decided keeping Turbo in our house is not the best option for everyone involved. The kids can't interact with the dog without being used as chew toys.. and some of my kids are still very small and would be hurt easily. Since we brought Turbo home and noticed these problems, I've had to be very diligent about keeping the kids and dog separated which really isn't fair to any of them. The kids wanted a dog to play with.. and the dog just wanted to play with a person.
We also noticed the dog had some aggression issues. He went after hubby a number of times. We just couldn't chance him going after one of the kids.

I tried everything I could to keep Turbo.. but at the end of the day I have to think about what's best for my family.. and Turbo just isn't the right dog for us.

With any luck we'll find a dog that fits better with our family.

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