Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Yucky Rainy Day..

I'm not looking forward to what the rest of today is going to bring!

A yucky rainy day means everyone is stuck in the house. The kids cannot go outside to run around. They'll be inside, bouncing off the walls, and being as loud as they can be!

The dog can also not go out for his daily walks or playing in the yard. He will also have a lot of pent up energy, and will be feeding off the kids all night.. so he too will be bouncing off the walls.

I'm enjoying the peace and quiet while it lasts right now. The kids are in school and the dog is asleep on the sofa..

But in a few hours all heck is going to break loose!

Maybe I'll get lucky and the rain will stop so the dog and kids can get outside after all!

Boy I hope so!

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