Friday, May 3, 2013

Turbo's training session..

The training session turned out horribly, but I don't blame Turbo!

We signed up for private lessons, so Turbo was able to run around and play while the trainer explained some basic training tips to me. A lot of it was stuff I've already learned on my own. I found a great blog with helpful tips about dog training: and there is also a book I borrowed from the library and intend to buy now that I've read most of it: The Dog Trainer's Complete Guide to a Happy, Well-Behaved Pet

So, because of this book, I have learned a lot of tips already, and the trainer basically reiterated most of them. 

After about an hour of talking, she decided to finally get down to training. She pulled out a gentle leader and I got excited! I've just ordered one of these myself, so I was happy I was going to learn how to use it in a training session!

But the dog wasn't keen about having it put on. She got it on once, but he was able to get it off because it wasn't tight enough. She took it off, tightened it, and tried again. Turbo wanted no part of it. But she insisted.
She put the dog between her legs so he was pinned. She grabbed his head, pinning that as well. He started nipping at her, lightly at first.. but the more she fought with him, the more aggressive the dog got. She was holding his face to stop him from biting at her. Anytime he started to bite she'd yell "hey" at him really loud. 
So he started growling, and the growling got louder as she continued to fight. Obviously the dog was getting really angry! Anyone else probably would have backed off.. especially since this wasn't extremely important, and you don't want the dog to think training is going to be stressful or else he won't want to do it!

But she kept at it until the dog actually bit her and drew blood.. on her hand. It was a small bite, and she admitted it was her own fault for pushing him so far.

So now she gives up (only teaching the dog he'll get his way when he bites someone! Great.. thanks Miss Trainer Lady!) and tells me I should re-think keeping this dog since I have small children in my home!

Well.. the only times my dog has ever shown any sort of aggression has been when someone has been forcefully making him do something he doesn't want to do.. and not nicely either!
I'm sure I could do a better job with some praise and treats than she did with pinning him down and trying to hold his head!

So I'm taking over his training myself with the help of my trusty book!

The hard part is going to be getting the kids to stick with it because the dog needs consistency. I'll probably end up training them more than I train the dog!

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