Friday, May 17, 2013

Turbo Update..

Haven't given a Turbo update in a few days, so..

I think things have been going good.

He is one hyper, playful puppy.. and as such he can get himself into lots of mischief! He raids the trash cans about 100 times a day! I'm learning how to pick my battles.. some things just aren't important enough to worry about getting back from him. As long as it's not dangerous for him, or important to us.. I let it be! Otherwise, we work on "give".. I keep in mind not to try to tug on whatever he has, thus turning it into a game for him.
See.. I'm learning :)

I haven't been doing too much with the training lately, I'm not trying to teach him any new tricks. Mostly I just keep working on the ones he knows. He does them consistently in training without a problem, but when there are distractions, forget about it! So I figure instead of overwhelming him with new tricks, I'll just continue to work on the ones he knows so that even when there are distractions he'll know what I'm asking. It's not always easy because he gets a little hyper during training sessions, even though I start them when he's relaxed!

The jumping/biting thing has even gotten a little better. I'm noticing now he doesn't really go to bite us so much as our clothes. First few days it was whatever he could get his mouth on, but now he specifically goes for pant legs and shoes.. and will only go for hands if you're sitting there playing with him at his level, like if you sit on the floor or if he's on the sofa and starts getting playful.

Unfortunately this is going to be a hard habit to break because my children keep reinforcing this type of play, unknowingly of course, and I am talking to them about it!

I notice Turbo tends to "go after" my oldest son and my daughter the most. He'll sometimes go for the rest of us 2, but those are his primary targets.. because they're the most fun for him.. plus the rest of us pay him attention when he's being calm and good.. which I've told all the kids, the best way to stop behavior we don't like is to give him tons of attention for behaviors we do like, and less attention for those we don't!
These 2 kids aren't listening!
When the dog starts playing with one of them, they start squealing "MOM, he's got me! Ahh, Turbo no! Turbo down! Turbo let go! MOM!!!". Then they start jumping around. If he's got their shoe or pant leg they try lifting their foot as high in the air as they can get it..
So I come in and start trying to tell the child "Stand still, stay quiet, you're making it even more fun for him" but they're still screaming so I try yelling over them meanwhile telling another child to go get one of Turbo's toys to try to get his attention.. and the whole thing becomes chaotic...

Can you see why this would be fun for Turbo? His toy is now moving and making lots of noise and saying his name over and over.. although he doesn't understand the rest of it, and I come in and start talking excitedly..

Just so you know, Turbo is not hurting them! I'm watching closely.. usually he just has a mouthful of pants, or shoelaces. Sometimes he tries to regrip (the more they move the more he does this) and he might get leg.. but he doesn't bite down hard when he gets leg or foot. It still hurts a little.. I know from experience.. but it doesn't tear the skin.. so the kids are never in danger.. I just have to point that out before anybody tries saying nasty things about me letting my dog gnaw on my kids! I don't allow this with the younger 2 at all.. but he doesn't go for them much anymore.. as I said, he goes for the oldest and my daughter because they're the most fun.. and I'm trying to train them how to properly handle it!

All in all I think things have definitely gotten better since the day we brought Turbo home. For awhile everyone was afraid to touch him because as soon as you made a move to pet him, he'd start snapping at your hands. I just mentioned to hubby this morning, I actually haven't seen him do that in awhile. I think he's learning that when we go at him with our hands, we're going to pet him and be nice.
Plus we're learning to understand his moods and when he'd be more open to just petting, and when he wants to play.
When he just wants to play, he will bite.. it's not hard though unless he gets too worked up and then sometimes he doesn't control his bite inhibition..

But we're all learning. A lot of it is us..
I'm having daily talks with the kids.. reminding them to give him attention when he's good, and stand still when he tries to play with them. We do play with him in a safe way, outside while he's on a 40 foot lead we'll play fetch or tug. The kids love to play with him this way. The twins love to take him for walks and have been taking him a daily long walk all the way down our road which is a mile long..

So, we're all adjusting, and Turbo is becoming a great addition to the family..

Now if only I could convince the cats not to try to kill him when they come around him.. that's another story :)

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