Saturday, May 11, 2013

Turbo Training 5/11/13

This morning while surfing the web, I came across a video on how to teach a dog to go lay down in "their spot". I decided we'd try that. I can think of about a hundred times I'd want to use this command, but first he needs to know it!

You start by choosing his spot... I put a blanket down on the floor and for now that will be his spot until I can get him a pet bed or something.

Then you toss treats onto the spot, and as soon as he steps on the blanket or bed you click.

We did this a few times, then he stayed on the blanket sniffing for more treats. So I got him to lie down on it, and gave him a treat. Then I told him stay, and gave him a treat. Then I gave the release command. Then we started over by throwing treats onto the blanket.

Turbo is a really smart dog and picks up on new commands so quickly! Normally a command like this would take many training sessions.. first one just throwing the treats onto the spot, 2nd one trying to get him to stay on the spot...

Nope, Turbo got it fast! By the end of our session I just said "Go lay down" and he walked over to the blanket without me throwing a treat.. so then he got the treat.

So proud of my smart doggy! :)

After the training session we went for a walk with the gentle leader.. he's getting so much better with that! We walked down our dead end road.. probably about a quarter mile, and back. And he did great! He's not trying as hard to get the GL off, when he does I tell him no, then give him turkey when he stops and walks the way I want him to..

So when we got back I put him on his tie out and played fetch with him for awhile to let him run off some of his energy..

It's been a good training day so far :)

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