Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Training Turbo 5/8/13

I don't really get much training done later in the day with Turbo.. he gets too wound up with all the kids home, so mostly I spend my afternoons just supervising and preventing problems.. and only do any type of training when opportunities arise..

So far today Turbo and I have worked on a couple of things.

1st was getting him into his Gentle Leader, which I am happy to say has been more successful than I expected so soon!
Earlier I posted about our first small success with the GL..

Well a little while ago I tried again. He was asleep again, so I thought it would be a good time, but as soon as I went into the kitchen for the turkey, he woke up and came to investigate. I figured at this point it would be hopeless since he was already starting to get worked up.. but he proved me wrong! I gave him a piece of turkey and put the GL on him with no problem.. then I fed him more turkey. I was so happy I was able to get it on him with very little trouble.. but he still didn't like having it on. He pawed at his nose again.. he doesn't like the nose loop part. It took him awhile to actually get it off. Again I was debating attempting a walk.. but after awhile he managed to get the nose loop off his nose again. I've got to make the nose loop just an itsy bit more snug!
So I took the GL off and still took him for a walk to celebrate his much bigger success!

We also worked on "give". We tried this a couple times. First, I gave him a bone, and tried to get him interested in it.. but he saw that I had treats so wanted no part of the bone.

Later I gave him a stuffed kong, and he was going to town, so we tried "give" again. Worked on that for a few minutes, then I let him finish off his kong in peace. All in all he did very well.

We still had a couple problems with him jumping on me and biting a bit. This is his way of playing, and he hasn't yet learned that we don't like it..
both times he did it I had to crate him to calm him down.. just for a few minutes. I'm really hoping these instances become fewer and fewer! At least when my oldest got home from school, Turbo didn't try to jump on him like he normally does.. he was pretty good.. so maybe he's slowly starting to learn.

All in all I'd say it's been a pretty good day so far.. but the kids aren't all home from school yet, so we'll see how the afternoon goes!

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