Sunday, May 19, 2013


 Saturday was a rather busy day for us.
Hubby had the day off, so we started the day with some running around. We had a couple stops we wanted to make.. as we were leaving, we went past a little curio shop in our town and they had some of their items sitting out front. My eye caught a couple of bikes they had sitting there. I got out to see how much they wanted for the bikes. Aydan, my 6 year old who will be 7 next month, has been begging for a new bike. The only bike he's had to use was the one he got for his 3rd birthday, which is a 12". The training wheels have broken off, but he still used it to ride down the small hill in our yard, and ended up teaching himself how to ride it without the training wheels. So since the weather got nice out, he's been asking for a new bike. Well one of the bikes at the curio shop was the perfect size, and to my surprise they only wanted $5 for it! It's just a tiny bit beat up. It's got some rust on the wheels and chain, a couple of holes on the seat, and the plastic part of the handle bars is torn a bit. However, it works, and it was $5, so we bought it, and my son is so happy!
 So we finished our running around and did some yard work and played with the dog.. here's Turbo getting some belly rubs from hubby..

We had steak for dinner, which we bought at a butcher shop we'd gone to visit. After dinner we brought Turbo on a long walk up the road to the dead end. After the dead end is about a half mile of road that is closed off to vehicle traffic because of rock slides.. but people can still walk it. After the half mile it connects with the next town up. But when we got to this part we let Turbo off leash for a few minutes to sniff around. Then we walked back home.

We had a nice fire last night on our fire pit to burn off the yard waste from the trees and shrubs we're trimming or cutting down.

All in all it was a pretty good day.

Today doesn't look as nice. It's overcast and cloudy.. good chance of some rain showers at some point. I'm pretty exhausted from yesterday so I don't feel like doing a whole lot.. and of course we're broke so we can't think of a single thing to do. We'll probably end up having a lazy day..

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