Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rawhide is not very safe for dogs..

I did know that giving your dog rawhide bones can present a choking hazard. If they bite off a large chunk they could choke on it. So you have to be very careful of what type of rawhide to give your dog.

However, I've just learned the rawhide presents more issues to dogs than just choking hazards. Pieces of rawhide that are not swallowed often cannot break down in the dog's digestive system. This is not necessarily fatal to the dog, and most dogs do not consume enough rawhide to make it fatal.. but it can still be problematic.

Here is a link with more information about rawhide and choosing the best kind for your dog:

Unfortunately I am learning there aren't a whole lot of alternative options to rawhide, at least not without spending a fortune! Turbo isn't crazy about chewing on his toys most of the time. He does like rawhide treats, but if he doesn't have something new and interesting to chew, he'll find something.. and usually it's something I'd rather he not chew on!

So I've been buying him beef bone marrow every week. They look something like this..

I find these at my local grocery store, but you have to go to a store that has a butcher on site. Places like Walmart that have all their meat shipped to them won't carry this type of product. You can also try a regular butcher shop.. sometimes you'll find one that gives these away for free. At my store, I pay $2-$3 per package, and they'll come 2-3 to a package depending on the size.

When you buy them, the inside of the bone is filled with marrow, and the outside usually has some meat left on it.

Turbo loves these. He'll spend hours working on them. He starts by ripping the meat off the outside, then he works on trying to get the marrow out of the inside of it. This can take forever, because it's not really easy to get all that marrow out. After awhile he'll actually give up on it, then go back later to try to finish it. Sometimes he can't finish it and days later I'll find one that still has marrow in it. At that point I chuck it outside for local wildlife.

The best part is, the bones are really tough. Turbo has been deemed an aggressive chewer.. but even he can't break or splinter these bones.
So once all the meat and marrow is gone, Turbo is left with a pretty cool chew toy.

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