Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday is not off to a good start..

Before my younger 2 even left for school this morning, I was already getting a phone call from the high school! My oldest will be spending the day in in-school suspension for disrespecting a substitute teacher on Friday. Argh! The Vice Principal told me they've been having behavior problems with my son for a couple weeks now.. and actually, so have I. He's got the worst attitude problem lately. Won't listen to anything, takes everything personally. Thinks the younger kids get away with more than he does.. which is not true! They just don't behave quite as badly as he does.

But this attitude of his is rubbing off. My 10 year old is now giving me attitude problems. He was playing in the creek over the weekend and when he came in his lips were blue. I mentioned this and asked if the creek was really cold. His response: "Well my lips wouldn't be blue if it weren't".

These kids aren't going to have much of a fun summer if they keep this up!

Also, early this morning, my husband broke on of my favorite candles! My lilac scented candle from Bath & Body Works. He knocked it off the table accidentally and it shattered!

Now the kids are at school and things seem to have calmed down.. but who knows what will happen when they get home!

I'm going to spend part of this afternoon working on dog training and see how that goes.

Here's hoping the worst of the day is over!!

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