Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mission Success!

The other day I posted that I was on a mission to get a refund from Nasty Trainer Lady from our terrible training experience. (Read about that here:

It has taken a lot of work, and I'm not exactly happy to say, I turned into a pest. Honestly though, the whole situation was aggravating. I guess her true skill in life is to aggravate!
She ignored most of my e-mails, and the few she responded to were always the same thing. She felt I got what I'd paid for because she gave me over an hour of "useful" information, and that is was my choice to end the session and not return for further training.
When I would respond and remind her that she basically abused my dog, I wouldn't hear back from her again.

Oh but I was very polite in these e-mails, as much as I didn't want to be! I was very careful not to threaten or become angry. I simply stated facts, and linked articles about how a true dog trainer should act (such as not putting their hands on your dog!).

Since Monday of this week I've sent her at least 1 e-mail a day, and sent off 1 complaint per day to some organization. I've sent complaints to the Better Business Bureau, a few local animal organizations and vets, and yesterday I sent a complaint to our local SPCA where I know she volunteers, as she mentioned this to me.

I believe it may have been the e-mail to the SPCA that changed things...

She called me yesterday, but as I have an aversion to phones, I could not answer it (I have severe anxiety problems).
So I e-mailed her after the phone call to explain that I cannot speak on the phone, but said that I really had nothing to talk about, I just wanted her to send my money back.

I got no response.

This morning I began my usual daily ritual. I e-mailed her asking if she'd sent my refund yet so that we could put this behind us. I shot off an e-mail to another animal organization with a complaint about my training session, and I began brainstorming tomorrow's plan.

Then I got her response: "It's in the mail"

I won.. the end!

Just hope I don't have trouble cashing the check!

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