Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm on a mission!!

Money is tight.. a lot of people are in the same boat. Even a little bit can be hard to part with, especially when you don't like the outcome of what you've spent your money on!

If you go to a restaurant and get terrible food and service, you're probably going to complain and ask for a discount or to have the entire meal free. If you go to the car shop for an oil change and they've put the wrong kind of oil in, you'll probably complain and not pay for the service.

Well, I had a bad experience with a dog trainer. It was a single session that ended in shock after she tried to forcefully put a gentle leader on my dog. I'd warned her he'd had no training or handling because he'd just been rescued from a shelter. Not to mention, if you look it up, you're supposed to coax a dog into the gentle leader using treats! Not force it on them!

The only reason I wrote the check was because I was in shock. Afterwards I realized she didn't deserve to be paid for that session!
I e-mailed her the following Monday, 2 days after the training session, and asked for my money back.

She did not respond.

Thursday I posted on her Facebook page that was created for her business. Still no response.

Yesterday I used a different e-mail account to contact her, and this time she actually responded. Then I again requested the refund, and she refused. I replied with an explanation of why I felt I deserved a refund.

She's ignoring me again!

Well, I need to get my dog fixed. I have bills to pay. I have mouths to feed.

If the training session had gone fine, I'd still be using her because getting Turbo trained is very important to me.

But I did not get what I paid for, and I have more important things to spend my money on.

I am on a mission to get that money back!

I've written multiple reviews of her business on many different websites. Today I wrote into the Better Business Bureau.

When I'm not training Turbo, taking care of the kids, or earning some money on Bubblews, I'm thinking about where else I can write bad reviews of her business and how else to get my money back.

One thing people should know about me.. when I set my mind to something, I become extremely persistent!

I won't quit until I have my money!

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