Thursday, May 2, 2013

I contacted an obedience trainer..

We had another rough day with Turbo yesterday. He seems to have his energy back! He was quite rowdy yesterday!

I tried to take him to the park in the afternoon, just me, him, and my 5 year old. He does okay at the park, since he has a ball to chase. Normally his mind is on the ball so he doesn't get jumping or biting. But yesterday he ignored the ball and tried going for my 5 year old. We were in an enclosed baseball field all fenced in so the dog couldn't run off (which he doesn't seem to want to, he chases the ball and comes right back to us and stays close unless we throw the ball again). But he didn't chase the ball so I walked out to get it, and my son followed me. That's when Turbo tried to play with my son. I picked up my son and kept turning away from Turbo while walking towards the gate. The dog kept jumping on me trying to get my son, all the while attempting to bite (playfully). He got me good a couple times. Once right on the butt! It hurt, but he didn't pierce the skin.

We'd only been there a few minutes, so I tried to calm the dog and let my son go play on the playground, but the dog wouldn't calm. I was trying to offer treats and get him to lie down, wasn't happening. The dog decided he'd rather play tug o war with his leash.. something he's been doing a lot lately, which gets scary for who ever is walking him. He's a smart dog.. he jumps up and tries to get the part your hand is holding to get you to let go.. but of course this is bad for the person holding the leash.

So we came home, but Turbo stayed riled up all night. He nipped at everyone a few times, playfully. I gave him bones, put food in his kong, and even put him in his crate for time outs a couple times. He wouldn't calm down. But anytime we tried to walk him he'd just play tug o war with the leash again.
We try redirection with other toys or treats, but he really likes tug o war..
I've heard the best way to train a dog to properly play is to drop the toy when he makes skin contact.. but I can't exactly drop his leash while we're outside.. so I don't know what to do about this!

So last night I e-mailed an obedience trainer in my area. I explained the entire situation to her, and told her right now our budget is super tight so I can't come up with the entire fee at once due to vet bills and such. Well she's willing to work with me financially, I'll pay her weekly until it's paid off (thank goodness!) and she's going to start giving him private lessons starting tomorrow morning!

I'm so happy! I really am!

Honestly, when he's not playing, Turbo is a wonderful dog. He likes to cuddle, he curls up with whoever he can. Last night we were all watching a movie. My younger boys like to grab their blankets and lie on the floor while watching a movie. Turbo curled up with my youngest on the blanket. It was cute!

We all really like the dog, we just need him to stop biting and jumping! So wish us luck with the training!! 

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