Thursday, May 9, 2013

Gentle Leader training Day 3

It is getting to be super easy to get the Gentle Leader on Turbo now. Depending on his mood he might immediately let me put it on, or sometimes if he's sort of worked up he'll try to push it away and just take the treat, but eventually when he realizes he won't get the treat, he'll stuff his nose in the loop hole and let me put it on.

I have been taking him outside, although I said I wouldn't. Inside the house he doesn't do anything, even with it on. He'll just sit there staring at me, waiting for more turkey! So, I take him out.

Today I walked him around the yard a couple times while he wore the GL. He spends most of the time still trying to get it off by rubbing his paws on his face or rubbing his face on the ground.

The last time I got it on him we walked down the road a bit and back, and he did fairly well most of the time.. but I guess I was pushing it as when we got back to the house he was jumping in circles trying to pull the GL off himself.

I know we've still got a ways to go to get him to enjoy wearing the GL, but I am impressed at the progress he has made so far in just 3 days. I didn't expect to even have it on him yet, so I am happy!

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