Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gentle Leader training, Day 1

I got my Amazon shipment in the mail today which consisted of a Tie Out Cable, a pooper scooper, a clicker, and a gentle leader.

Now if you read my previous post about Turbo's training session you'll know his previous experience with a gentle leader did not go so well. But I have a plan to make Turbo eventually LOVE his gentle leader (GL). I came up with this plan myself immediately after leaving Nasty Trainer Lady, and was surprised to find the pamphlet that came with the GL actually instructs to do exactly what I was planning.

For starters, Turbo is getting special treats! I'm using some turkey lunch meat instead of his usual regular doggy treats. And these special treats will only be used with the GL, so he's soon going to associate the GL with special treats!!

What I did today was take the GL out of the package, and just held it out for Turbo to sniff. Each time he sniffed it he got a small piece of turkey. After a few sniffs I opened up the snout portion and draped it on his snout and gave him a treat. He quickly shook it off.. but that's okay. We're just getting him warmed up to the idea. I don't expect to have it on him today.. I'm just introducing it to him and teaching him to love it!

We did this for probably about 5 minutes, until Turbo got overly worked up and decided he wanted to play. That's when the GL and the turkey were put away.

We'll try the same thing again later.. and keep doing this until he allows the GL to be put on him without a fuss. After that.. it will probably still take time before we walk him with the GL on. We're just going to take it slowly and work on it one step at a time!

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