Thursday, May 9, 2013

Choosing a dog trainer..

After my awful experience last week, I wanted to share some tips with other dog owners out there who might be seeking obedience training for their dog.

Here is an extremely helpful article from the Humane Society.

As it suggests, you might want to sit in on a few sessions without your dog, just to see what sort of training goes on there.
The Nasty Trainer Lady I chose used many of the methods mentioned there that trainers shouldn't do, which included yelling at the dog, holding his snout shut when he was nipping, and pinning him down.
I should have done more research before choosing this trainer, but I was in such a hurry to straighten Turbo out and make him the perfect family dog, I didn't ask one single question before starting our training. That was my mistake!

Please don't make the same mistake I did!
Not all people who call themselves dog trainers are actually good at training dogs!! Do your research!

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