Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Yesterday was nuts!

Yesterday was the kids' first day back to school after Spring Break. The week was very long, so we were all looking forward to it. But the day turned out to be pretty chaotic.

The morning was nice and peaceful and I feel like I got a lot done. When Mathieu got home, because it was nice out, I decided we'd go for a walk to the library. It's been awhile since I've gone for a walk. I was dying long before we ever reached the library, and for the rest of the day my feet were killing me! I really need to get in the habit of walking again.. it's rather pathetic I can't walk less than a mile to the library.

Before we'd left I'd gotten a call from the school. I always hate those calls.. I was hoping they'd just tell me someone was sick and needed to come home. That's like best case scenario in my mind.

Nope, it was Tyler's teacher letting me know he'd been having some behavior problems in class. Talking out of turn, getting out of his seat frequently without permission, not calling the teacher by his name (Tyler thinks he's the class clown.. he was calling the teacher Jack to be funny). Tyler's usually a good kid, so I was a bit surprised at this phone call. I don't think I'd ever gotten a phone call about him before. It's usually Javy.. he's my trouble maker and classroom disruptor.

So.. okay, I need to keep in mind to have a talk with Tyler when he gets home and tell him to straighten up. I went about my day and walked down to the library..

Shortly after getting home I got another call from the school... about Tyler, again!
This time, he'd decided to punch some kid on the bus and give the kid a bloody nose!! Yeah.. being disruptive doesn't look so bad anymore.. my oh my!

Well after the incident the bus turned around and brought the 2 boys back to the school. The one with the bloody nose was cleaned up while Tyler got yelled at by the principal.. for probably the first time ever I think. The principal called me.. I had spoken to him before but it was due to Javy.. last time I think it was because Javy drew with permanent marker on another kid's Under Armour shirt.
So the principal told me what happened, told me Tyler has to serve in school detention all day today.. he's lucky he didn't get suspended, but it's his first offense so they went easy on him, and had a different bus bring Tyler home.. where he got the riot act from me.

Seems what happened was the other kid was picking on Tyler and his friends, and Tyler's friends encouraged him to punch the boy.. of course Tyler's friends aren't in trouble.. just Tyler. I had to point that out to him.. following friend's advice isn't always helpful, is it?

Things went downhill from there. Of course I'd kept my husband informed of what was going on. He was supposed to work till 9pm last night but said he'd try to get out early to come home and help out with the problems.
Meanwhile I spent most of the night just talking to the kids.
I mentioned out loud that Tyler seems to be turning into Javy.. as the problems I dealt with yesterday were more typical of Javy than Tyler (Javy had a few fighting problems when he was about that age too). The 2 of them share a bedroom, and I was seriously considering separating them and putting Tyler with the younger 2 boys.. which he is fully against!

Meanwhile Javy's getting upset at my references to him and the problems he has had (yeah, typical parenting mistake, comparing siblings.. it's really hard to avoid sometimes.. I never said I was perfect!). So now instead of punishing Tyler's behavior I'm working on damage control with Javy.. Geez!

So hubby calls around 7pm saying he's not getting out early. His boss, who's a total jerk by the way, set up all sorts of work for the drivers and then left.. hubby's the only other manager so he's stuck there until the drivers are done. He tried to tell the boss he's got some family things to deal with, the boss says he doesn't care. Hubby ended up leaving at 9.. and he was angry when he got home because of the boss's treatment. Hubby's been dealing with a mess of problems ever since this guy took over, making work very stressful. The boss will probably be getting fired soon.. but not soon enough.
So the fact that hubby couldn't come home to help just seemed to make things worse. Aside from grounding Tyler from his video games for a week.. and vowing never to let him play video games with violence ever again, I didn't really want to make any other decisions without hubby.. such as whether to move Tyler in with Aydan and Mathieu or not, or whether to not let Tyler ride the bus anymore..
Because of hubby's anger, Javy wouldn't talk freely about his feelings so we got nowhere with that..

All in all just a stressful chaotic day. Here's hoping today is calmer and better!

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