Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wicked was Wicked Awesome!

Hubby and I drove an hour away yesterday for our date with Wicked the musical!
We left early hoping to have dinner at my favorite restaurant which is no longer around here, but is in the city we were going to. Unfortunately that restaurant closed too. So we had to figure something else out for food. It wasn't easy. We wanted something we can't normally have around here.. but we didn't know the area or where to go. We drove around for ages looking for something, and couldn't find anything we could agree on. Finally we were so hungry we decided to just stop at the next place we saw, which ended up being Arby's.. how exciting!

Finally we headed to the theater to see the show. We were early and got a good parking spot right behind the theater. Here's a picture of the Wicked truck we saw in the parking lot.

We also got ourselves t-shirts as souvenirs. Hubby's is grey with Wicked on the front, and the cities the show is touring in on the back. Here's a picture of me with the shirt I got.
Here's a picture of the stage.. kind of blurry, sorry. There's a mechanical dragon above the stage that actually moved, flapped it's wings, and breathed smoke. The curtain is a map of Oz with the Emerald City in the middle of lit up green.. though of course you can't see that in this picture.

 We weren't allowed any other pictures because of copyright infringement.. so that's the best I could do. We loved the show though.. even hubby! I loved the effects. In one scene the witch is flying high above the stage, and it looked so cool! Glinda comes and goes in a bubble a few times. The wizard was this giant mechanical head that lit up. The costumes were also really cool. The plot was interesting too. I read the book, actually just a few weeks ago. The play didn't exactly follow the book.. as expected. There were a bunch of differences, but it wasn't completely different. They just made it more theatrical, added more romance that isn't in the book, focused more on the relationship between the two witches where as the book is more about the life of Elphaba. It's close enough to the book that I wasn't disappointed.

I am so glad we got to see it. Hubby says he wants to see it again if we ever get the chance! I'm excited to try to see some other shows too at some point.. Broadway is just an amazing experience, and I'll never forget it!

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