Thursday, April 25, 2013

We have hopefully found a dog!

This is Turbo. He's 6 months old, and he is currently residing at an animal shelter.

Tonight hubby, the kids and I went out looking at shelters to see what kind of dogs they had. Then we saw Turbo. He wasn't what we were looking for. We wanted a husky. But Turbo was just so cute. They brought him out of his cage to visit with us and he was so happy to be out of his cage he spent the whole visit just running around crazy! He's got a ton of energy! But of course he's still a baby. Well we've got the room for him to run, and we've got kids who like to run, so they'll put the dog to work (or vice versa). The hyperness doesn't bother us at all.. actually I kind of feel like the dog needs us. He has a great personality, very sweet and gentle. He had a toy in his mouth the whole time but when we took the toy from him, aside from playing a little tug or war with it, he did not snap or growl.

So we began the adoption process. They're testing the dog tonight to see how well he does with cats. They have to check with our vet to make sure our cats are up to date on shots, etc. Then they will give him his rabies shot, and I will have to get a license. Then as long as all that goes smoothly, I can bring him home.

The kids are super excited! They're hoping we can bring him home tomorrow! I'm thinking probably Monday, perhaps Tuesday at the latest.

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