Monday, April 15, 2013

The Tyler Saga Continues..

Well, to start off my day, I went to wake Aydan and Mathieu up for school and Mathieu says he's sick. I didn't question him, I just said he can stay in bed then. He doesn't normally miss much school, so not a big deal. But he really is very sick. While daddy was in the shower Mathieu needed to get in there to get sick.. poor guy! Then he's spent the rest of the morning sleeping so far.

So, when I got a call from the school a little while ago I really expected it to be the nurse saying someone else was sick too. But no.. it was Tyler's teacher.. oh boy!!

Well the school has state testing for the rest of this week. Tyler, although he's a very smart kid and usually gets straight A's, did very poorly on the tests last year and was put into AIS classes for kids who need extra help in core subjects like Math and English. I told them I didn't think Tyler needed the AIS classes, but since he did so poorly on the test last year, I couldn't get him out of it. So mainly the teacher wanted to touch base with me to help make sure Tyler didn't do as bad on the tests this year, because AIS really is a waste of his time. He is smart and can do the work, he just likes to speed through tests and be done with them. He's got to have a little more self control this time.

But then the teacher tells me that Tyler didn't do his homework assignment over the weekend. Apparently, when he left to go to band at the end of the day, he didn't bother to bring his homework with him, knowing he wouldn't have a chance to come back for it after band as he leaves immediately after. So, the teacher sent the homework down to him, but somehow the homework ended up in his locker for the weekend, and he went into school today with the homework not touched!

I really thought after last week and all the trouble he got in for his behavior that he would have straightened out, but it seems he hasn't.

So the teacher is making him miss one of his after school activities today to stay and make up his homework and some other writing assignments.

And when he gets home he's going to get a serious lecture about homework and making sure he does well on the upcoming state tests!

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