Monday, April 29, 2013

So I'm becoming addicted..

I never meant to. It started out as something I was going to do for fun once in awhile. It wasn't going to take precedence. There were other things more important to me that were going to be put first. But one thing led to another.. and now I believe I am truly addicted!

Others who had tried it told me how addicting it was. They were all hooked on it. I wasn't going to be like them. I'd try it, have my fun, but not get hooked. They'd given up on the other things they used to enjoy, that wasn't going to be me!

But it is..

I'm talking about Bubblews of course (what did you think I was talking about??).

I belong to a few different sites where you can post articles and discussions, and you get paid to do so. Each site pays differently. So far, Bubblews seems to pay the best. But I'd been on Mylot and Gather much longer, so they were still going to come first. Bubblews was going to be something I'd do occasionally.

Well, Gather has been down this past weekend, so I couldn't post there. Mylot is still there, and I'm still posting.. but it seems the majority of my thoughts and feelings are first going to Bubblews.

This isn't exactly a bad thing. This morning I hit the redemption button again, for the 2nd time this month.. 3rd time total. I joined Bubblews at the end of February. It took me a full month to reach my first payout (of $25). The past 2 payouts have only taken a couple of weeks. Others, who've been there longer and are more addicted than me are getting payouts almost weekly!

So maybe I'm addicted? So what? I'm having fun, and earning a bit of money too!

Want to become addicted with me?

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