Sunday, April 28, 2013

More Turbo

Just wanted to post a couple new pics I got of Turbo..

Hubby got up early this morning to take Turbo for a walk, then he went back to sleep on the sofa. After playing with the kids for awhile, Turbo decided to join hubby in a nap!

Tonight we had another fire. We love having fires in our fire pit. Thus far Turbo isn't doing too well with being outside. He thinks it's playtime each time he goes out, and he plays too rough. We keep him on a leash for now, but he pulls and tries to chase after the kids. If we bring him over to the kids he'll jump on them and nip at them. He doesn't do this when we're walking, only when we are hanging out in the yard. But we're still trying to bring him out and get him used to things around here. So when we started our fire we brought him out. We knew he was sleepy, so we figured this would be a good time to get him outside and just relax with us. But the dog wouldn't lie down on the grass.. nope.. he opted for Mathieu's chair!

Eventually he moved to a chair that was a little more his size and fell asleep!

Silly puppy!

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