Sunday, April 28, 2013

Life with Turbo..

 Everyone seems to be adjusting well to having Turbo around.
For the most part he seems to already be house broken. He's had very few accidents inside the house. He did have one this morning. Hubby got up early to take him for a walk, but when I got up at 9 the dog had an accident in the boys' room. Normally he does do his business outside though.
He also starts to pee when he gets super excited. Probably just because he's still so young and he has so much to be excited about!

He is hyper and loves to play. He hasn't had much of a chance to do that yet. Our yard is not fenced in and I won't let him off the leash yet as I don't know how he'll respond.
When he's on the leash he tries to get at the kids, but he loves to jump and he does nip at them playfully. This does hurt and scare the younger kids. Hubby and I are going to work on training him not to jump and especially not to bite before we can even think of letting him romp with the kids!

Today I plan to take him to a park to let him run a bit.

Aside from that hubby takes him for a daily walk and the kids like walking him around the yard. He's really good on walks, doesn't pull a whole lot.. unless he gets excited or wants to play with one of the kids that's just out of his reach.

In the house he's pretty calm. He lounges on the sofa a lot.

He has started barking a bit. He didn't do this the first day or 2.. yesterday afternoon the barking started, just a little bit. Usually when someone comes in or out, or he hears the kids playing outside without him.

We're putting him in a crate at night and he does great with that.

The cats still aren't quite sure what to think of the dog. They are no longer in hiding, but they still won't get too close, and if the dog comes nearby they do get cautious. They might hiss a little. The dog seems mostly to ignore their presence. I think he's actually a bit afraid of them as one of the cats at the shelter did take a swipe at him. In time I'm sure they'll be fine.. they need some time to adjust to each other.

So really our only problem right now is the jumping and the nipping. I think his previous owner probably rough housed with him and taught him that biting during play is okay! Well, he'll soon learn that's not okay with us! I've been doing some research and learned some great tips on how to get this behavior to stop. We're going to work with him a bit everyday getting him worked up to play with us and then as soon as he starts to nip we'll stop playing and give him a "time out". Won't take long for him to learn that if he wants to play he's gotta keep his jaws off us!

All in all though he's a pretty good dog! I think he's starting to realize this is home, and starting to open up to us a bit!

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