Thursday, April 25, 2013

Harder than I thought..

We've decided we want to add a dog to our family. Hubby has been wanting one for a long time, the kids would like to have one. I know I'd be the one taking care of it most of the time, that's why I've been saying no all along, but last week while I was out for a walk I thought it would be nice to have a dog to walk with. It might actually get me walking more if I had to walk a dog regularly! Plus it might help me feel more secure while I"m out walking by myself or with the younger kids. I've got the time and the space, and we're good animal parents for the most part. The only thing we're truly lacking is funds.. but we still manage to get our cats to the vet in emergencies and they've all been fixed and had shots and all that.

The hard part right now is finding one. Hubby has honestly been looking for months. He hoped that if he found the right one he'd be able to talk me into it. But he never found the right one.

I've been trying for about a week. I'm looking everywhere! Shelters, Craigslist, classifieds, breeders.

Sure, I could bring home a puppy today if I wanted to spend $1,000 on it. But I don't want to spend that kind of money. I've got a couple hundred right now that I can spend total on the dog and all the supplies I'll need for it. I can adopt one from a shelter or pay a small re-homing fee if I find the right one.

We are a bit picky. Hubby really wants a husky, or at the very least a medium to large breed dog. I wouldn't mind a small dog, but he doesn't like them..

Mostly we're looking for a husky, but I might settle on a lab. We'd be fine with a mix breed too, depending on what breeds are mixed.

And of course we'd prefer a puppy that we can raise ourselves and train it how we want it trained.

It's just not very easy to find good dogs anymore without paying ridiculous prices! Makes me wonder how most people in our boat (lack of funds) end up with dogs in the first place.. unless they're just less picky about what kind of dog they get or where they get it from.

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