Thursday, April 18, 2013


My graduation ceremony is coming up next weekend. I'm actually kind of dreading it.. but that's probably my anxiety.
Today I have to go down and pick up my cap and gown as well as my allotted 4 tickets to invite guests.. 4! I have 5 kids plus hubby and now his aunt wants to go too, but I get 4 tickets! I will ask if they have extras.. if not, we'll have to deal.
The twins want to go to a birthday party that day anyway. So that actually works out well. Instead of having to find a sitter for Aydan and Mathieu, I'll just let the twins go to this party..
So now I just need 1 extra ticket. But if I can't get it, then Javy will probably stay home. Chances are he doesn't really want to be there anyway, but I'll ask him. If he insists on going (and what teenager would?) I'll have to try to figure out a plan for one of the younger boys.. because at this point it's impossible to tell Aunt Doris she can't come.

Then next Friday I have a rehearsal for the ceremony at 11am. Could they make this any less convenient? Mathieu gets home at noon.. so what am I supposed to do with him? I have no sitters because everyone I know works. Hubby can't take a Friday afternoon off. Any other day would be fine, but not a Friday.. when he's already taking that Saturday off!

So, my plan is to keep Mathieu home from school and bring him to the rehearsal with me. If they have a problem with that.. well then they should have planned it for evening hours when it's easier to find a babysitter!

Who knew so much work was involved just to graduate? I mean, I thought just getting through school would be tough? But since I've actually finished school I've had mountains of paperwork to fill out, now I've got all these hoops to jump through just to attend a darn ceremony that I'm not even looking forward to!! Argh!

Well, that's my gripe for the day..

Off to go pick up my stuff, and later my daughter has a chorus concert..

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