Monday, April 15, 2013

Double Swagbucks Day!

A couple years ago I joined this site called Swagbucks. Through it, you do various activities to earn points, which they call Swagbucks. When you accumulate enough of these bucks, you can redeem them for a prize. You can enter a sweepstakes to win a big prize, or just trade them in for a gift card to your favorite store. You can even get a gift card to Paypal.
Personally, I choose gift cards, and I save them up through the year and use them towards my Christmas shopping. It makes the Christmas season a little easier on us.

I find it's so easy to earn on Swagbucks. There are tons of options for earning. You can earn by doing web searches, surveys, signing up for offers, online shopping, watching videos, using coupons or doing many other tasks through the site.

Today is double Swagbucks day. For some of the typical tasks you'll get double the Swagbucks than usual. For instance, normally you get 3 SBs for watching 10 videos. Today you'll get 6!
There's also going to be 30 SBs worth of codes given today.. free SBs just for finding and entering the codes!!

If you haven't joined yet, here's the link: Swagbucks

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