Friday, April 19, 2013

Crazy Day..

Yesterday was another crazy day!

Hubby dragged me out shopping with him, to Lowe's. He wanted to pick up some stuff so he could do a bit of fixing up around the house. The day got entirely too crazy so he wasn't able to get much done, though he did replace a broken window in the boys' room upstairs, so that's an accomplishment!

But shortly after we got home from Lowe's, the kids got home, and my oldest came in all ticked off. Apparently he says his cell phone was stolen at school!

OMG the saga with this cellphone.. not even funny! First, he broke his phone while playing basketball! He says he doesn't know how.. but someone probably stepped on it.
So, we got him a new one. Then, just a few weeks after getting a new one he was at a friend's house and the friend's little brother knocked the phone out of his hands making it fall onto rocks, and again the screen broke!
So, we put insurance on the phone and bought a very expensive protective case for it to make sure it didn't get broken again!
Then, barely a week after he gets yet another new phone.. it's stolen?

So, hubby took him up to the school to talk to the principal and try to find the phone. Javy asked all of his friends if they'd taken it on him as a joke, they all said no.
Hubby installed GPS on the phone so he can track Javy's phone, but so far the GPS is saying it hasn't left the school.
I'm hoping someone found it somewhere and turned it in. Javy thinks someone is playing a mean joke on him. Another possibility is someone did actually steal it and they're waiting a few days before bringing it home.
Either way, if we don't get it back, as soon as it leaves the school we'll know, and we'll be able to track it to the address it ends up at.

If we don't get it back.. I just don't know. We might be done buying the boy cellphones at this point!!

So after all that fun, my daughter had a chorus concert last night. I really wasn't in the mood for anything like that after the crazy day we'd had, but she had a small "solo" so she had to be there. Her solo wasn't entirely a solo. Some of the kids did have actual solos. More or less there were a bunch of featured singers, about 20 total out of the group of 100 kids. These featured singers came up front and sand seperate from the group. Some did solos or duets. My daughter was a group of 6. Still an honor in my opinion.

We couldn't get any pictures of it though because we chose really bad seats off to one side, and she was on the other side. I tend to not sit in the middle because it's usually way too crowded!

So, needless to say, I'm so happy it's the weekend and hoping I get a chance to relax and unwind from my crazy week!

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