Monday, April 22, 2013

A Happy Ending..

So last Thursday I posted that my son's phone had been stolen while he was in gym. We tried really hard to get the phone back. We went to the school, searched all the gym lockers, talked to the gym teacher and the principal. Hubby installed a GPS tracker, but it said the phone never left the school, and by Friday afternoon the battery was dead so the phone wasn't giving a signal anymore.

I really hoped the phone would have been found in the school over the weekend.. but Javy came home today without the phone.

That was it, we'd given up hope. Hubby called our provider and reported the phone stolen and it was de-activated.

I was mad. It was a brand new phone. We'd just gotten it! Javy's last phone had fallen and broke, so we put insurance on the phone and paid a $150 deductible to get the new phone, and bought a $50 protective case to make sure the phone didn't break again... just to have it stolen. I wasn't just upset about the phone.. but the case also! Sure the case isn't as expensive as the phone.. but I just kept thinking, what a waste of money that was!!

Then about 8:30pm there was a knock on the door. My daughter answered it, and there's a couple of kids on the porch. They asked "Does Javy live here?". Javy was standing right there so went to the door. They said "I found your phone" and handed him his phone, case and all!!
Javy was so happy he hugged the boys!

I'm happy too!

Who stole it or where it was all weekend no longer matters.. we have the phone back and that's all that matters.. and we learned another important lesson! Javy now has a new combination lock to keep his gym locker locked. Hopefully that's the end of the phone saga!

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