Thursday, March 14, 2013

Not feeling so great..

I've been dealing with a nasty head cold this week. It's making me very tired, and rather grumpy. I've been trying to rest while the kids are in school, but of course I generally feel guilty about everything that isn't getting done while I'm resting.. oh the curse of being a caring mom and wife, LOL!

It's that time of year, everyone seems to be sick. Luckily enough, nobody else in this house has gotten it yet, knock on wood. I hope they don't. My kids don't get sick that much and I'm thankful for that. Normally hubby is the one who catches every cold and flu.. and when he's sick he is beyond miserable! I'm very thankful he has thus far avoided this head cold as well.

Hope I can get to feeling better soon, because all I can think about is how tired I am and how much I want to nap.. then of course I argue with myself because there's things that need doing around here (sigh).

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