Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I ended up with the dreaded stomach bug! Ew!

Just when I started to get over my head cold, I get hit with the darn stomach bug the kids had over the weekend. It hit me pretty suddenly yesterday afternoon. I went to bed around 5pm and stayed in bed until my alarm went off this morning.. and I'm still tired!

I am not feeling any better, but at least I'm not having to spend every moment in the bathroom. So I've been able to get a few things done.. made a big dent in the never ending laundry pile, and got the weekend's dishes done, since I didn't do them yesterday.. and of course I'm the only one in this house who is capable of doing dishes (insert eye roll here).

Although we had a few nice days last week, and I thought Spring might actually arrive on time for us central New Yorkers.. we've been pounded by snow the past couple of days and there's about an inch of it out there today. So I have no plans of going anywhere.. although even if it were nice I wouldn't go anywhere, except the library if any of my holds come in.

Speaking of which, I feel a little silly today.. Aydan and Tyler have fallen in love with these Magic Tree House books. They're a pretty neat series for kids. Tyler has read them all, Aydan is on #30. Even Aydan, a first grader, can read one of these books in a single day!

Well Tyler is waiting on the 49th book.. which is the last in the series. We placed it on hold at the library, and he's been in 7th place ever since.. not moving at all. He keeps asking everyday if we're any closer to getting the book.. and nope.. still #7.
So I decided to look online today to see about buying it for him as an Easter gift.. because when he's done he can share it with Aydan once he gets to that point.
Well lo and behold.. the book hasn't been released yet! No wonder we're not moving in line at the library! Silly us!
Can't wait till he gets home so I can give him the news. Glad to see they're still making these books though, considering how much my boys love them.

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