Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Going to start a new drip candle..

My new drip candles that I ordered from Candlstock.com just came in yesterday. Meanwhile I'd been burning normal taper candles found in regular stores. The regular tapers didn't drip well at all. I found they dripped better if I cut grooves into the candle the whole way down the length of it. You can see from the pictures below the effect of it. Not too bad, that's forsure.

So yesterday the good drip candles arrived, and I burned one. Below are the pictures I took after I'd burned the entire green drip candle. The color was definitely brighter than regular, store bought tapers. It also burned a lot faster and dripped a lot easier. The trouble is, I no longer find this particular project appealing. With all the different types of candles burned, the effect, in my eyes, is actually kind of ugly. It had been looking nice, but after I dripped the green candle, I didn't like it anymore. Perhaps it was the different colors, or the brightness of the green on top of the dull colors of regular tapers. Or perhaps it was simply the shape that it took on because the regular tapers don't drip as well so most of it accumulates around the top of the bottle while the lower portion only has a few drips.

Either way, I've decided to just start over now that I have proper drip candles. I'd like to see their effect on a plain bottle that hasn't already been dripped on. 
I'm going to begin this new project sometime today and I can't wait to see how it turns out.

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