Monday, March 18, 2013

A sick weekend..

Friday night the whole house decided to get sick. The 3 younger boys suffered from a stomach bug or something Friday night. Aydan and Tyler seemed mostly okay for Saturday but the poor Peanut just slept on the sofa all day Saturday. Even Tristan started to get sick middle of the day Saturday. On top of all that, hubby was coming down with my head cold.

Despite the illnesses, we did go see Oz The Great and Powerful Saturday night, just hubby and I. We enjoyed the movie. I liked that they tried to stay mostly true to the original Wizard of Oz movie. The guards looked exactly the same, as did a few other things. Fans of the first won't be disappointed by this movie.

Other than that, we had a quiet weekend, everyone trying to recover from being ill. Everyone except Javy of course. He was off with his friends all weekend, minus the couple hours he came home to watch the sickies for us while we saw our movie. The minute we returned home, he left again.

Then sometime midday Sunday I got a phone call from him, he said his friend's mom needed to talk to me and she immediately got on the phone. The call was to inform me that her 3 year old child broke Javy's cellphone.
This was practically a brand new cellphone, Javy's had it a couple weeks at the most, and it's a more expensive type of cellphone, not some cheapo pre-paid type of thing.

It was a total accident, so we're not upset. The child knocked the phone out of Javy's hands dropping it onto rocks, and the parents offered to replace the phone.

Well the phone is usable, just the screen is a little cracked. Not nearly as bad as Javy's last phone where he actually shattered the screen.

So hubby took him to see how much it would cost to repair the screen.. $150. We also bought him a protective case to avoid this from happening again in the future. Then we finally smartened up and added insurance to our plan! Probably should have done that after the first time the boy smashed his expensive phone!! But better late than never.

The phone isn't too bad off, as I said.. it's usable, just cracked. We haven't fixed it yet, we wanted to look at all our options.. including waiting a bit once the insurance has kicked in and getting it fixed that way. Though the friend's parents did drop off the $150 to repair the screen. If we can get it done for free we'll give them their money back.

So that was my exciting weekend. Looking forward to a nice, quiet week ahead.

Thankfully all the kids are feeling better and are all off to school today.. so the house is quiet, just a complete mess! Time for me to get cleaning!

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