Saturday, March 30, 2013

More pics of the new drip candle..

I just wanted to share the newest pictures of the new drip candle. I'm loving how colorful it is turning out, but I am running out of candles. Might be time to order some more.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A break from reading..

I've spent the last few weeks reading all the books in The Wicked Years series by Gregory Maguire, based on the Oz books by L Frank Baum. Click here for my summary of the series on Bubblews.

I got interested in the books because I'm going to see the Broadway play Wicked in a couple weeks. I wanted to refresh my memory. I'd read Wicked years ago, but had forgotten most of it, and never continued to read the rest of the series.. if it had even been printed yet. I don't think it had. Son of a Witch came out after the play, so probably it hadn't.

The ending of each book left a bit of a cliff hanger, making me desperate to read the next.. so I did.

Yesterday I literally spent all day reading the final book of the series. I started reading early in the morning, around 10am, and kept reading until the book was done, at around 1 o'clock this morning. Unfortunately I have a very hard time putting a book down once I get interested in it.

Now that the series is done, I'll probably take a break from reading. There isn't much else I'm currently interested in reading, and I feel I've already devoted too much time to books and haven't gotten much else accomplished. The weather is warming up, I really need to get out and do something with myself again.. and with the kids.

Perhaps a nice walk this afternoon..

New Drip Candle

I started a new drip candle last night. Using a brand new bottle, a nice pink one, and my new candles from Candlestock. I burned 2 candles thus far, an orange and a turquoise.
Just wanted to share the pics of how it's turning out so far.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Going to start a new drip candle..

My new drip candles that I ordered from just came in yesterday. Meanwhile I'd been burning normal taper candles found in regular stores. The regular tapers didn't drip well at all. I found they dripped better if I cut grooves into the candle the whole way down the length of it. You can see from the pictures below the effect of it. Not too bad, that's forsure.

So yesterday the good drip candles arrived, and I burned one. Below are the pictures I took after I'd burned the entire green drip candle. The color was definitely brighter than regular, store bought tapers. It also burned a lot faster and dripped a lot easier. The trouble is, I no longer find this particular project appealing. With all the different types of candles burned, the effect, in my eyes, is actually kind of ugly. It had been looking nice, but after I dripped the green candle, I didn't like it anymore. Perhaps it was the different colors, or the brightness of the green on top of the dull colors of regular tapers. Or perhaps it was simply the shape that it took on because the regular tapers don't drip as well so most of it accumulates around the top of the bottle while the lower portion only has a few drips.

Either way, I've decided to just start over now that I have proper drip candles. I'd like to see their effect on a plain bottle that hasn't already been dripped on. 
I'm going to begin this new project sometime today and I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Drip Candle..

 I had actually never heard of this before, until the other night I happened to come across a picture on a website called Gather. The picture looked really cool.. all different colors of candle wax dripping down a bottle.. I had to figure out how to make it. So I did some research, and headed to a store (and discovered it's actually very hard to find the right kind of candles at a normal store.. why haven't craft stores caught onto this yet??).

So here's what I did. I bought a glass bottle. Of course you can use whatever you have at home.. but we don't drink anything from glass bottles around here.. I've got the same bottle of wine half full in my fridge from before Christmas! I bought a small 2lb bag of blue sand, used in sand art. I wanted to both weigh the bottle down and make it look nice. Then I got some colorful candles. The candles I picked up at the craft store are okay.. but there's a place in Woodstock, NY that sells actually drip candles that are bright and colorful.. I've ordered a set of those and can't wait to see the results once I can start burning them. These regular candles are okay, but are a little pale.

It took a little bit for the candle to start dripping. At first I was worried I managed to get dripless candles, but once it burns down a ways, the effect was exactly what I was looking for, as you can see from the pictures below.

I am absolutely loving making these drip candles. It's so fun and relaxing to watch the hot wax drip down and then suddenly cool and harden! The kids think it's pretty neat too!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I ended up with the dreaded stomach bug! Ew!

Just when I started to get over my head cold, I get hit with the darn stomach bug the kids had over the weekend. It hit me pretty suddenly yesterday afternoon. I went to bed around 5pm and stayed in bed until my alarm went off this morning.. and I'm still tired!

I am not feeling any better, but at least I'm not having to spend every moment in the bathroom. So I've been able to get a few things done.. made a big dent in the never ending laundry pile, and got the weekend's dishes done, since I didn't do them yesterday.. and of course I'm the only one in this house who is capable of doing dishes (insert eye roll here).

Although we had a few nice days last week, and I thought Spring might actually arrive on time for us central New Yorkers.. we've been pounded by snow the past couple of days and there's about an inch of it out there today. So I have no plans of going anywhere.. although even if it were nice I wouldn't go anywhere, except the library if any of my holds come in.

Speaking of which, I feel a little silly today.. Aydan and Tyler have fallen in love with these Magic Tree House books. They're a pretty neat series for kids. Tyler has read them all, Aydan is on #30. Even Aydan, a first grader, can read one of these books in a single day!

Well Tyler is waiting on the 49th book.. which is the last in the series. We placed it on hold at the library, and he's been in 7th place ever since.. not moving at all. He keeps asking everyday if we're any closer to getting the book.. and nope.. still #7.
So I decided to look online today to see about buying it for him as an Easter gift.. because when he's done he can share it with Aydan once he gets to that point.
Well lo and behold.. the book hasn't been released yet! No wonder we're not moving in line at the library! Silly us!
Can't wait till he gets home so I can give him the news. Glad to see they're still making these books though, considering how much my boys love them.

Monday, March 18, 2013

A sick weekend..

Friday night the whole house decided to get sick. The 3 younger boys suffered from a stomach bug or something Friday night. Aydan and Tyler seemed mostly okay for Saturday but the poor Peanut just slept on the sofa all day Saturday. Even Tristan started to get sick middle of the day Saturday. On top of all that, hubby was coming down with my head cold.

Despite the illnesses, we did go see Oz The Great and Powerful Saturday night, just hubby and I. We enjoyed the movie. I liked that they tried to stay mostly true to the original Wizard of Oz movie. The guards looked exactly the same, as did a few other things. Fans of the first won't be disappointed by this movie.

Other than that, we had a quiet weekend, everyone trying to recover from being ill. Everyone except Javy of course. He was off with his friends all weekend, minus the couple hours he came home to watch the sickies for us while we saw our movie. The minute we returned home, he left again.

Then sometime midday Sunday I got a phone call from him, he said his friend's mom needed to talk to me and she immediately got on the phone. The call was to inform me that her 3 year old child broke Javy's cellphone.
This was practically a brand new cellphone, Javy's had it a couple weeks at the most, and it's a more expensive type of cellphone, not some cheapo pre-paid type of thing.

It was a total accident, so we're not upset. The child knocked the phone out of Javy's hands dropping it onto rocks, and the parents offered to replace the phone.

Well the phone is usable, just the screen is a little cracked. Not nearly as bad as Javy's last phone where he actually shattered the screen.

So hubby took him to see how much it would cost to repair the screen.. $150. We also bought him a protective case to avoid this from happening again in the future. Then we finally smartened up and added insurance to our plan! Probably should have done that after the first time the boy smashed his expensive phone!! But better late than never.

The phone isn't too bad off, as I said.. it's usable, just cracked. We haven't fixed it yet, we wanted to look at all our options.. including waiting a bit once the insurance has kicked in and getting it fixed that way. Though the friend's parents did drop off the $150 to repair the screen. If we can get it done for free we'll give them their money back.

So that was my exciting weekend. Looking forward to a nice, quiet week ahead.

Thankfully all the kids are feeling better and are all off to school today.. so the house is quiet, just a complete mess! Time for me to get cleaning!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Not feeling so great..

I've been dealing with a nasty head cold this week. It's making me very tired, and rather grumpy. I've been trying to rest while the kids are in school, but of course I generally feel guilty about everything that isn't getting done while I'm resting.. oh the curse of being a caring mom and wife, LOL!

It's that time of year, everyone seems to be sick. Luckily enough, nobody else in this house has gotten it yet, knock on wood. I hope they don't. My kids don't get sick that much and I'm thankful for that. Normally hubby is the one who catches every cold and flu.. and when he's sick he is beyond miserable! I'm very thankful he has thus far avoided this head cold as well.

Hope I can get to feeling better soon, because all I can think about is how tired I am and how much I want to nap.. then of course I argue with myself because there's things that need doing around here (sigh).

Monday, March 11, 2013

We all had a fun weekend!

We had a fun, active, social weekend.

First, my 10 year old son, Tyler, was invited to Monster Jam with a friend of his. We had to pay for his ticket of course, and we gave him $10 for food.. but Tyler came home with a CD full of pictures, and a T-shirt from the event. He had a lot of fun. Monster trucks are right up his alley! I'm sure my younger boys would have loved it too, but the tickets were a bit expensive and I didn't even know about it until Tyler asked if he could go with his friend. So Tyler ended up spending the night with that friend and over all had a great weekend!

My oldest son also spent Saturday night out at a friend's house, and spent most of Sunday hanging out playing basketball with some kids he knew. So he had a fun, social weekend.

The rest of us actually did not have plans.. but Sunday my friend invited me over for coffee and wanted me to bring my kids to play with her kids. I brought my 10 year old daughter, and 5 and 6 year old sons to her house to play with her 8 year old son, 14 year old niece, and a couple of the nieces friends. The kids had a blast. They played video games, hide and seek, duck duck goose.. and went outside for awhile too. We were over there for hours and there wasn't a dull moment to be had.

Later I invited the same friend over here to our house. She came alone because her fiance did not feel well. My husband lit a fire in our fire pit because it was a nice, warm night, and my friend and I had drinks while we sat around the fire and chatted some more.

It's not really that often we have social visits, so they're always fun when we do!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Quadruple points on Mylot!

Today and tomorrow only, Mylot is offering quadruple earnings. This is due to an error their web programmer made during updates to the site. Apparently they made the new site public before they meant to. I'm not sure why, but they decided to offer quadruple the earnings for this error. I'll take it!
I've spent most of my day on Mylot starting as many discussions as I could think of.

If you're not a member of Mylot, I urge you to join. It's a lot of fun, and one of the sites I've been on the longest.. probably 4 or 5 years. It's sort of a social network where you start and respond to discussions. The only drawback is that your discussions have to fit in with the guidelines posted by the site... for instance you can't post referral links or polls or recipes.. things of that nature. Otherwise it's a great place to meet new people and share experiences and perhaps even learn a few things!

Come join me and earn 4x the earnings over the next 2 days! Click here to sign up: Mylot

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm going to see Wicked!!

I am so excited! I heard on the radio that Wicked is coming nearby. Actually it will be an hour drive away, but for this I'm sure it's worth it! I've heard great things about it. So hubby and I decided to go ahead and get tickets to see it!! It will be in about a month, the first weekend of April. I can't wait.

I've seen one Broadway show before.. The Phantom of the Opera. That was about 10 years ago. A friend of mine had tickets for her and her husband, but her husband was very sick and couldn't make it. So she called and asked if I wanted to go. It was an amazing experience.

I'm sure seeing Wicked will be an amazing experience as well. Can't wait to tell you all about it!

Have I mentioned how excited I am? I'm "Wicked" excited, LOL.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Her picture was in the calendar!

This picture is in the calendar sent out by our community to everyone who lives in the area. This is a picture of my daughter's final pose last year at the dance recital. She's the one on the far left on her knees with one arm in the air.
One of my boys has had their picture in the community calendar before, but it was years ago back when he was in kindergarten. He had the same picture in the local paper. My kids also had their pictures featured in a brochure for a summer camp because they had gone the year before.

I'm just so proud that my daughter is in the community calendar which most homes and businesses around the area have pinned up.