Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Where does the time go? This year has just flown by and here it is nearly Thanksgiving time and Christmas is right around the corner. I'm already getting tired of hearing Christmas music on the radio.. sheesh!

I am about a month away from graduating college, yipee! I'm taking my final class, it's called a Capstone class. I don't really know how to explain it, it's supposed to prepare me for the working world like an internship, but really it's just quizzing me on what I've learned over the past 2 years (as if I can remember any of it) and helping me create a professional portfolio (do people really use those?). This class is probably the hardest class I've taken thus far, and I'm only just beginning. I'll be happy when it's over and I can say I'm a college graduate!

Considering I will soon be graduating, I am looking for a new job. I'm still at the bank, been there just a bit over a year now. But I am seeing that I don't have much of a future there. In fact the future at this bank is pretty bleak. I don't know from one week to the next where I'm going to be or what I"m going to be doing. My bank lost a position, so people had to be rearranged, and I was told 2 weeks ago I'd be transferring to a different location. It actually seemed like a good thing because the other location is a little closer to me and a lot busier. However, they don't know when I'll be transferring yet. I was supposed to start at the new bank this week, but they told me just a few days ago that I won't be going until next month now!

In the meantime I'm getting very few hours. I was hired for 20 hours, but I haven't worked 20 hours in weeks! This means our financial state is not doing very well. We're behind on bills, cutting back where we can but still not coming out even.

I've spent the past month looking for something else.. either a part time job in addition to the one I have, or a different full-time job. So far no luck on either front. I did have an interview on Saturday, but it's hard to say how that went. You know the routine, they always say they have other people to talk to and will call if they're interested in you. So now it's just a waiting game to see if they are interested or not.

Because of these developments I've been feeling like I'm under a huge amount of stress. But I recently rejoined a gym and have been getting back in the habit of working out and trying to eat better. I'm super ticked at myself for gaining back all the weight I lost a couple years ago.. but something tells me it needed to happen. This time if I'm able to lose the weight again, I'll know the importance of trying to keep it off. It's really much easier to keep it off than to try to lose it all again!

I always say everything happens for a reason!