Monday, October 17, 2011

Started my new job today..

Yet again it's been awhile since my last post, but understandably, things have been a bit hectic around here.

I'm currently at the mid-point of my 3rd semester in college. The way my school works, they split each semester up into 2 sessions, so instead of taking 4 classes at a time, I take 2 classes in the first session and another 2 in the second session. So I'm currently on the last week of my first 2 classes, and next week I'll start 2 new classes. Although I've never had to take 4 classes at one, I think our way has many benefits. First, you don't get too worn out from classes. By the time the class starts making me nuts, it's just about over! Also, having only 2 classes at a time limits the work load. The only down side is we have to squeeze more work into a smaller amount of time. So far I'm still doing well in my classes and still have a 4.0 GPA, but of course I have final projects coming up and bad grades on those could ruin my GPA.
The kids have kept me busier than ever over the past month and a half. Each of the older 4 have been in soccer! As I mentioned in my previous post, the oldest child, a ninth grader this year, made the varsity team and has been doing well. Over all the team has done poorly, but I blame that on the coach who is only coaching our team this year. Next year they'll have a brand new coach. I had also mentioned that I signed the 8 year old and 5 year old boys up for soccer. Well, after the first practice my daughter announced that she wanted to play also. Normally she does dance, which is far more expensive, but she told me she'd rather play soccer than do dance. So, I signed her up for soccer as well. Since she's been in dance since she was 3 I decided not to pull her out of that, so she did both, but it wasn't overwhelming. Dance started 2 weeks ago, and soccer just ended this past weekend. The oldest finishes his soccer season this week as well, so things will be calming down a little bit for the time being. However, I decided to sign the oldest up for a winter soccer league, which will begin the first week of November, and the 8 and 5 year old boys are signed up for basketball which will begin the end of November. The daughter has decided to only do dance for the remainder of this year.

While the youngest isn't old enough to participate in organized sports, he has recently started something that we all find very exciting. I enrolled him in nursery school/daycare! My youngest son is 3, and he has been wanting to go to school since last school year. I seriously debated a nursery school, but since I knew I was looking for full time work, and nursery schools are usually part-time, a few hours a day, a couple days a week, I held off. Until my older son's teacher told me about this particular nursery school which is also a daycare. Not only is it full time, all day, 5 days a week, it's also extremely affordable. It was actually shocking how affordable it was. An average babysitter who watches children in their home would charge more than this daycare. And the best part is, it came highly recommended. My current kindergartner's teacher has her daughter in this daycare, and the teacher who had my twins for kindergarten also had her child in this facility. How could I pass this up?

At the time I enrolled him in the daycare, I was still only working at Subway. I begged and pleaded for more hours to ensure I could pay the fees, which turned out not to be problem. But of course I'm hardly making over minimum wage at Subway so I need to work a ton of hours to make sure I can cover the daycare costs, and with a job like this my hours are not guaranteed. I might get tons one week, but none the next.

Thankfully, the universe had a way of working itself out for me. My husband convinced me to upload my resume to I'd been reluctant because anytime I've ever uploaded a resume to a website, I've been hit with a ton of spam mail and scam jobs. But, I took his advice and submitted my resume.

At first it was a few spam mails and nothing else, but then I got a phone call from a recruiter for Bank of America. After filling out an online profile and doing a phone interview, I was set up with a face to face interview. The very next day I was told I got the job!!

It is a part-time job, only 20 hours a week, but I'm making a decent salary plus I am eligible for benefits!

As the title stated, today was my first day. Nothing special to report just yet, today all I did was watch a training video and meet some of my co-workers. The next few weeks are going to be much of the same, just a lot of training. But I have a really strong feeling that I'm going to really like this job! The people seem very nice and very easy going. I think it will fit me perfectly. I'm very excited to go back in tomorrow and continue my training!

For the moment I'm still working at Subway. I'd like to continue to work there 1 or 2 days a week when I can, especially through Christmas. After Christmas we'll see how things are going with the new job and determine if I can afford to quit Subway or not. As long as I leave in good standing I can always go back later if I really need to.. but I'd like to not have to!