Sunday, May 22, 2011

Planting a garden..

I took a little time out of my busy schedule today to plant a flower garden! Actually everything I did today was quite unexpected. I woke up with the plans of perhaps going for a walk or something. Instead, shortly after waking up I began cleaning my room. Not because I finally got sick of the mess.. but because I had to find something..

Yesterday I did a little clothes shopping. I had to buy some shorts for my daughter's baton recital this week.. and wanted to get myself some shorts for work since the weather is getting warm. I was quite disappointed to see that most of the clothes I tried on were rather tight. So I decided I need to get back into going to the gym. Of course when thinking about going to the gym, I realized I needed to charge my iPod which I haven't used in months.. so I needed to find the USB cord for it. I also had to hunt down my daughter's baton t-shirt.

So.. I began cleaning. It was a difficult task that took quite a bit of time.. but I completed it and am quite pleased with the results!

Meanwhile I had to get the husband out of the way.. and he'd been talking about doing some yard work lately. We moved into this house 2 years ago. We've lived here for 2 summers. And thus far all we've done is mow the grass. We haven't done anything else to the yard but mow the grass. So, hubby and the oldest son went out and cleared out some weeds and raked while I cleaned inside.

When we were all done hubby had some landscaping ideas floating around his head. So we went off to Lowe's and bought some mulch and top soil, then stopped by a local greenhouse to buy some flowers. We bought some purple daisies, yellow marigolds, and some ornamental grass. Then we came home and began to plant it all.

I'm honestly very pleased with how it turned out. I'm hoping the flowers fill out a bit more, because it doesn't look like much right now, but it looks like it has potential. Also we are planning on buying some more flowers in the future to fill it in some more.. but this is a good start.

Mostly I'm just happy we finally began to do something with our yard and our whole place looks a lot nicer now. Up until now I just haven't had the desire to make the place look any better. I've never taken any pride in living here, and I guess I just felt like it was pointless to spend money on making it look nicer when I didn't feel like this was my home. But it's amazing how it feels now that it's done. I do have a little more pride in this place. Not that I'm ready to settle down and make this my permanent home.. that will never happen. I'll never stop fighting to move out and have a better life beyond this cramped little trailer. But since we're here for at least one more year while we work on our finances.. at least now we can be a bit prouder of the way the outside of the house looks!

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