Thursday, March 3, 2011

When life messes up your plans..

Our finances have been so great lately, and I'm still so proud of us for not being tempted to spend every last dime of cash we have. We found out that hubby's car needed another expensive repair, about $500, and we were capable of saving that money. Today he went to get that repair, and that's when we discovered he needs yet another $500 repair! (This is not a mechanic trying to dig more money out of us, this mechanic is a childhood friend of my husband's and usually give us an amazing deal on any work we get done by him and he only tells us to replace what is absolutely necessary, so I totally trust him when he tells us we need to replace or repair something.)

We do not have this additional $500 right now, so this repair is just going to have to wait.

The bigger problem is our hot water heater. It's been acting up this week, the water isn't getting hot, and it's running out within a few minutes. I can't even get through washing up a few dishes before suddenly my water is cold. Hubby has been attempting a few cheap repairs, and none of them worked. He discovered today that the hot water heater is basically full of muck. We do have well water here, and it's not the most clean well water on the planet. The well water has already killed a few of my coffee makers, and even killed a Brita faucet filter. So hubby assumes that years of collecting junk inside the water heater has finally killed that too, and it's not surprising. This hot water heater was here before we moved in two years ago, so we have no idea how old it is or if it had ever been drained before.

The unfortunate part is, even though we rent our land, we do technically own our trailer, so these types of repairs are our responsibility.

Thankfully we do have enough money on hand to replace the hot water heater, which is actually a bit of a miracle. Normally we're flat broke. Normally our bank account is over drawn, our savings account has a zero balance, and we rarely have any cash on hand at all. This time, we still had a little bit in our checking account left over from the car repair, we have a little in our savings account, and I still have all the money from my paychecks that I've been saving up because I've still yet to be able to open a savings account of my own. So, using what's left in the checking account along with some of what I've saved, hubby is purchasing a new hot water heater.

I am thankful we had the money for it. I can't imagine what we'd be going through if we didn't have that money. However, I'm still very upset that life had to mess up my plans! I've said time and time again that I planned on using my paychecks to save up a little nest egg, and pay off some debts to straighten out our credit report so that hopefully within a couple years we can apply for a mortgage loan and own our own home. Now, the money I was going to use to get that started is being used on replacing a hot water heater which is just going to be killed again by our nasty well water. It's certainly a little disappointing. Even my husband was reluctant to take the money I'd been attempting to save. But what choice do we have? My twins haven't been able to shower all week due to our lack of hot water, and I've been washing dishes in cold water.

So, this has been a pretty big set back.

On top of these large expenses, I also have a couple of smaller things I may need to use my money on. My kittens are getting to that age where I need to start thinking about getting them fixed. I've already made the appointment for my male cat to be neutered at a low cost clinic, and I'm on the waiting list to get the female spayed at the same clinic. Depending on our bills, I may have to use some of my money to get these procedures paid for, but this is important to me, so I'm willing to do that.

Also, I'm hoping to be able to register my three older children for a resident camp this summer through my local YMCA. I received the brochure a few days ago, and I love the idea, and I think the kids will too. I am already a member of the YMCA, and qualify for subsidized payments due to our low income for a family of our size. So I have to apply to see if I can get the camp fees subsidized as well (they might pay up to half of the fee for camp). To do this I need a $50 deposit, then of course I'll have to come up with the rest of the payment to get the kids into camp. Again, this is something that I feel is important so I'm willing to use my money to pay for this if we cannot take it from hubby's paychecks.

Ultimately I would love nothing more than to use each of my paychecks for nothing but saving and paying debts, however I need to keep in mind that the primary reason for me working is to give us a better life and to be better capable of affording necessities as well as small luxuries. Ultimately, that's exactly what I'm doing.

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