Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Don't Worry About Me

The last interview I went on was about two weeks ago. I didn't get the job. Nobody ever contacted me to tell me I didn't get the job.. I found out because they reposted the position on Craigslist. What a cruddy way to find out!

No big loss. I have the job at Subway which I started on Saturday. So far so good there, though I'm thus far only getting 10 hours a week. I'm hoping that will go up a little once I'm fully trained.

Of course I'm also keeping busy with my school work. I'm currently in Week 4 of my classes, which are only 7.5 weeks long.. so almost done there! I'm doing very well, my grades have so far been in the 90's.

Enough with the recap.. let's hear something new. I have another interview tomorrow! I went on to Craigslist again looking for part time clerical work, and it's not easy to find. Most office jobs want full time employees, and I just don't think I can commit to a full time job at the moment, but I do want a part time clerical job for the experience.  So I found this one, the ad said the job will be about 25 hours a week. The downside is that the pay is barely above minimum, and the drive will probably be about 45 minutes each way, and I don't know what hours they're looking for. It's quite possible it could interfere with my current evening job, which I'm not willing to sacrifice at the moment. But, I will just have to go to the interview and see.

Well, a lot of people keep telling me they feel I'm taking on too much. Two part time jobs, full time schooling, and five kids. Hmm.. how is that too much? :)

Truth is, I don't know if it will be too much. As of right now it isn't. As of right now I only have the one part time job, and as I've said, that's only 10 hours a week. School doesn't take up too much time. I usually dive right in on Sunday and have all the school work done by Wednesday, leaving three days of nothing to do. So, if I were to get another job I'd just have to space the school work out a little more and perhaps not finish it all until Saturday. Thankfully Saturdays are the deadlines.. I have from Sunday morning until Saturday night to get all the school work done. No big deal.

If it does get too difficult to handle, there's always ways to cut down the stress. I could cut down my hours if need be, or quit one of the jobs if I felt I couldn't do them both. Obviously schooling will not be on the chopping block, though after this session I'm done with Math which actually is taking up most of my time.

Either way, I don't see it being too much for me to handle. I see it being a vacation! I get to get out of the house and meet other adults and have conversations. I love that sort of stuff! The kids get to spend more time with their grandpa while I work in the evening, and grandpa loves it! He's been lonely ever since my mother in law died. When hubby gets home he has some one on one time with the kids, then sends them off to bed and has some time all to himself, which rarely ever happens when I'm home. I see it as win/win for everyone involved! Sure a day job will be a little different. Most of the kids will be in school, the little two will have to go to a sitter, and hubby will be at work so he doesn't gain from it. However, the day job is to get clerical experience, to make it easier for me to get a full time clerical position once I'm ready for it. Not to mention, the extra money will mean more towards my debts and savings, so we'll move out of here and into our own home that much sooner.

Yes, when I set my mind to something, I get tunnel vision. I see nothing but my goal, and rarely do I ever not achieve it unless I somehow lose steam. Well I'm not losing steam this time! I've gone through a lot of struggles in my life. I've set a lot of goals and typically have accomplished them all. My past success has shown me that I can do anything I set my mind to. This is no different. I've set my mind to changing my financial situation.. and gosh darn it that's exactly what I'm going to do, no matter how hard it gets!

So don't worry about me not being able to handle everything I'm putting on my plate. Don't worry about me taking on too much and burning out. That's just not going to happen. I'm going to do this. I'm going to succeed!

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