Saturday, January 1, 2011

Starting the New Year off right!

This first day of the new year has been a pretty good one for me!

My day started off with a message from my friend. She and I had taken our kids sledding together yesterday and the day before, and her family even came over to my house to hang out with us yesterday after sledding. Well this morning her message was to inform me that her husband wants to go sledding again, and do we want to go? My husband was working the two days we went so he missed out on all the fun. So we had an early lunch and both families went sledding! It started to rain when we got there, but we didn't care, we kept on sledding.. even the two dads did a bit of sledding.. but not the moms! Then sledding turned into a huge snowball fight, which was a lot of fun. It is so nice to be able to do stuff like this with friends.. and even nicer that we all get along so well! How often do you find a family where you like the mom but can't stand the kids, or your kids like each other but you don't like the parents.. or the guys don't get along, or something! We don't really have a whole lot of friends we hang out with. The last couple we made friends with, well, they didn't have any kids, and the girlfriend really got on my nerves!! So it's great that we know a family that we all totally get along with!

Oh, and one of my 2011 goals has been accomplished already. My youngest is potty trained (mostly)! He had only one accident today and that was while we were sledding. His only accident yesterday was a #2 which is almost always a difficult challenge with potty trainees.. we'll get there. He's been staying dry all night for three nights in a row now.. so I am officially done buying diapers forever!! I'm so proud of my little guy!

After sledding we did our grocery shopping and didn't go to Walmart.. as I promised I wouldn't. Problem is though that our new store doesn't have a few key things that Walmart has, like my 3 lb packages of ground turkey for $5. This store had 1 lb packages for $4! Yikes.. so I still have to go to Walmart to buy my ground turkey and a few other things. I'm thinking I'll probably split the shopping up each week. Buy some things at this store then get the rest at Walmart. At least that way Walmart isn't getting ALL my money, and that's good enough for me, at least for now!

Then I called my mom, who hasn't heard much of my great news yet. She had not heard that I'm searching for a job, or that I'm entering school (which still isn't official yet, still waiting on the financial aid to be approved.. I'll keep you posted). Well she is absolutely thrilled at the news! She is so proud of me, and it felt pretty good to hear how happy she was at my decisions.

So I must say my new year is starting off very well.. I just hope it keeps going in this direction. I'm feeling so positive right now and I love it!

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