Thursday, January 6, 2011

I am offically a College Student!

My financial aid has been approved, and I'm now officially a college student! Classes will begin next Wednesday, though I'm currently busy trying to get myself through orientation so I have a basic understanding of the online classroom. It's slightly overwhelming. I never realized I'd be graded on participating in online discussions and weekly summaries. However I'm still super excited about my future, and I can't wait to begin!

There's one New Year's Resolution down!

The potty training is another resolution I can cross off my check list, it's been successfully accomplished! Not quite as difficult as I thought it would be.

Finding a job has proved to be the most challenging of my resolutions. I've submitted around 20 applications, and haven't gotten a single call back. It's getting a little depressing. I went out for a little while yesterday to get a few more applications. Every business I walked into I heard the same remarks "We're not hiring!". Damn economy! I so desperately want a job right now. I don't think I've ever had this much trouble finding employment when I wanted it. I recall job searches where after I'd hit up a few different stores, I'd walk into one so desperate I'd be hired on the spot. I keep waiting for that to happen this time, but I doubt it will. It's really hard to stay motivated and determined with all this rejection. Not to mention, I'm running out of places to submit applications! I'm so desperate I may start applying at fast food restaurants, which I really didn't want to do. I'm not giving up though, my search will continue until I've landed a job!

Hopefully it's not this hard to find a job once I have a college degree!

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