Thursday, January 20, 2011

Busy, Busy!

I have spent the past week feeling like there just isn't enough time in the day, which is a big change from my usual feeling of there being too much free time!

I've made a number of goals this year, which so far I'm doing well with, but I do find it difficult to fit everything in each day.

One of my goals was to lose some weight again. After reaching my goal weight I added a little weight back on, so I've been pushing myself to get to the gym everyday to work out. Well, that eats up my entire morning.. I go right after I drop the kids off at school, work out for an hour and half, pick up my preschooler, and we get home just before noon.

Then I have my typical chores, making lunch, doing dishes and laundry, etc. So that takes up a little time as well.

One of my other goals was to try to be more active on some of my online earning sites, as I'm saving all my online earnings this year towards Christmas (so it doesn't suck like this last one did!). So I have a number of sites to check on, watch videos, do searches, participate in discussions.. etc etc. This takes up quite a bit of time.

Then I have school work. I'm currently taking 3 classes, and each class is 7.5 weeks long. That's a lot of learning to squeeze into such a short amount of time. Each class has online discussions (graded as participation), homework, lectures to read, sometimes videos to watch, textbook reading assignments, quizzes, tests, and weekly summaries. This week I had to create a PowerPoint presentation for one of my classes! One of my other classes is math.. which is not my strong subject, so it takes me a lot of time to get through the work as I have to go through it a few times before I understand it.

I'm also actively seeking a job, (still no luck there).. so I have to spend some time everyday filling out applications, searching Craigslist for opportunities, sending my resume. I can only imagine how much more "cramped" my day will feel once I am working.. though I realize if I get a job some other things will have to be put on hold, most likely that will be going to the gym daily (I can cut back to once or twice a week) and my online earnings (visit each site once a week instead of daily).

I need to stay focused and mainly work on the things that are important each day, like right now aside from the family and household chores, my important tasks each day are school work and job searching. Everything else should be put on hold, yet all I've done so far today aside from dishes and laundry is played with my Facebook apps! Silly me!

Right now I'm just feeling exhausted and drained! I don't know if it's from trying to squeeze too much into each day, or if I'm just not sleeping well at night (I do tend to have too much on my mind as I'm trying to fall asleep).

I took yesterday and today off from the gym, yesterday so I could job hunt, today because I'm just too tired! I may attempt to squeeze a nap in this afternoon, though I really should finish my third chapter in math and do my weekly summary for that class!

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