Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Interview..

I tried to take a nap this afternoon.. I've been feeling so tired lately! So, I'd just started to doze off, and of course the phone rings.. it never fails! I check the caller ID and it's not a number I recognize. I let the machine pick it up. It's a manager from the Subway (sandwich shop) across from my house wanting to set up an interview, woohoo!

So, I have the interview set up for Saturday.

Why am I not more excited about this?

Well.. the thing is.. I was on Craigslist the other day looking for job openings. I saw a brand new post on there, the moment it went up, for a nearby liquor store. The moment I saw the ad I got dressed and went to the store to put in the application. I had a short conversation with the manager while I was filling out the application. She said the owner would want to look over my application, and the owner is out of town this week, but I should hear from them next week sometime. After I left I was feeling very confident about this job. I think my short chat with the manager went very well, and I think the job would fit me well.

The only downside to the liquor store job is that they're only looking for someone to work on Saturday and Sunday, 5 hour shifts each.. that's only 10 hours a week. On the plus side, this would leave me more time for my family and school work.. however I don't think 10 hours is quite what I'm looking for. I wanted closer to 20 at least.

Now, I don't know yet what Subway is offering.. I don't even know yet if I'll get either job. However, I'm going over it and over it in my head.. which job do I want if both are offered? Do I take the job at Subway which will probably be closer to 20 hours and more money, or do I take the 10 hours a week leaving me more time for other responsibilities, but less money? Hmm..

I guess the problem is that I feel so confident about the liquor store that I've already wrapped my head around having that job.. and now that another opportunity has arose, I'm having trouble changing my way of thinking. I guess in the long run I can see that Subway would be the better job, as it is more what I was looking for.. more hours = more money which is my current goal.

Anyways, wish me luck, and keep your fingers crossed that by this time next week I'll officially have a job!

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