Friday, January 28, 2011

Everything's starting to fall into place..

So, I got the job at Subway I mentioned in the last post. I start there tomorrow. Part-time, evenings, just like I wanted.

I also had an interview on Wednesday for a part-time clerical position. Not sure yet how that one went. I am not really qualified for a clerical job yet, but I think it would be wonderful to have this job. It's with a company that tests food packaging for bacteria and mold. I'd mostly be filing things and e-mailing clients. Two days a week, 5 hour shifts for a total of 10 hours. I think it would be great for the experience, but I'm not holding my breath that I'm actually going to get this job. Though I do think I'll keep looking for something similar. A clerical day job that I can do a couple days a week part-time, just for the experience.

Anyway, at least I have the Subway job, which is minimum wage, but hey.. money is money!

It seems as if most of my New Year Resolutions have been achieved. I am in school and doing well. I have a part time job to help with finances.

I even had a very serious chat with the hubby last night about working on paying down our debt so that sometime in the future we can qualify for a mortgage loan! Oh how I'd love to own a home someday. A place with a yard for my kids. Preferably a place where I can't hear the traffic from my living room, over the sound of my TV.

So, my next goal is to set to work on the finances. Hubby's paycheck is just about enough to cover our bills, but leaves us no spending money. So half of my money is for spending, the other half will go towards savings and debts. Sure it won't be a huge amount.. but a little in abundance is a lot!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Interview..

I tried to take a nap this afternoon.. I've been feeling so tired lately! So, I'd just started to doze off, and of course the phone rings.. it never fails! I check the caller ID and it's not a number I recognize. I let the machine pick it up. It's a manager from the Subway (sandwich shop) across from my house wanting to set up an interview, woohoo!

So, I have the interview set up for Saturday.

Why am I not more excited about this?

Well.. the thing is.. I was on Craigslist the other day looking for job openings. I saw a brand new post on there, the moment it went up, for a nearby liquor store. The moment I saw the ad I got dressed and went to the store to put in the application. I had a short conversation with the manager while I was filling out the application. She said the owner would want to look over my application, and the owner is out of town this week, but I should hear from them next week sometime. After I left I was feeling very confident about this job. I think my short chat with the manager went very well, and I think the job would fit me well.

The only downside to the liquor store job is that they're only looking for someone to work on Saturday and Sunday, 5 hour shifts each.. that's only 10 hours a week. On the plus side, this would leave me more time for my family and school work.. however I don't think 10 hours is quite what I'm looking for. I wanted closer to 20 at least.

Now, I don't know yet what Subway is offering.. I don't even know yet if I'll get either job. However, I'm going over it and over it in my head.. which job do I want if both are offered? Do I take the job at Subway which will probably be closer to 20 hours and more money, or do I take the 10 hours a week leaving me more time for other responsibilities, but less money? Hmm..

I guess the problem is that I feel so confident about the liquor store that I've already wrapped my head around having that job.. and now that another opportunity has arose, I'm having trouble changing my way of thinking. I guess in the long run I can see that Subway would be the better job, as it is more what I was looking for.. more hours = more money which is my current goal.

Anyways, wish me luck, and keep your fingers crossed that by this time next week I'll officially have a job!

Busy, Busy!

I have spent the past week feeling like there just isn't enough time in the day, which is a big change from my usual feeling of there being too much free time!

I've made a number of goals this year, which so far I'm doing well with, but I do find it difficult to fit everything in each day.

One of my goals was to lose some weight again. After reaching my goal weight I added a little weight back on, so I've been pushing myself to get to the gym everyday to work out. Well, that eats up my entire morning.. I go right after I drop the kids off at school, work out for an hour and half, pick up my preschooler, and we get home just before noon.

Then I have my typical chores, making lunch, doing dishes and laundry, etc. So that takes up a little time as well.

One of my other goals was to try to be more active on some of my online earning sites, as I'm saving all my online earnings this year towards Christmas (so it doesn't suck like this last one did!). So I have a number of sites to check on, watch videos, do searches, participate in discussions.. etc etc. This takes up quite a bit of time.

Then I have school work. I'm currently taking 3 classes, and each class is 7.5 weeks long. That's a lot of learning to squeeze into such a short amount of time. Each class has online discussions (graded as participation), homework, lectures to read, sometimes videos to watch, textbook reading assignments, quizzes, tests, and weekly summaries. This week I had to create a PowerPoint presentation for one of my classes! One of my other classes is math.. which is not my strong subject, so it takes me a lot of time to get through the work as I have to go through it a few times before I understand it.

I'm also actively seeking a job, (still no luck there).. so I have to spend some time everyday filling out applications, searching Craigslist for opportunities, sending my resume. I can only imagine how much more "cramped" my day will feel once I am working.. though I realize if I get a job some other things will have to be put on hold, most likely that will be going to the gym daily (I can cut back to once or twice a week) and my online earnings (visit each site once a week instead of daily).

I need to stay focused and mainly work on the things that are important each day, like right now aside from the family and household chores, my important tasks each day are school work and job searching. Everything else should be put on hold, yet all I've done so far today aside from dishes and laundry is played with my Facebook apps! Silly me!

Right now I'm just feeling exhausted and drained! I don't know if it's from trying to squeeze too much into each day, or if I'm just not sleeping well at night (I do tend to have too much on my mind as I'm trying to fall asleep).

I took yesterday and today off from the gym, yesterday so I could job hunt, today because I'm just too tired! I may attempt to squeeze a nap in this afternoon, though I really should finish my third chapter in math and do my weekly summary for that class!

Friday, January 14, 2011

First Interview and Rejection

I was so excited on Monday when I got a phone call from a local gas station that wanted me to come in for an interview. I set it up for Wednesday morning.

I thought the interview had gone very well. Most of the interview was spent listening to the hiring manager drone on and on about the company, company policy, other employees at that location, why those employees were so valuable, etc. etc. In my mind, I thought none of this would have pertained to me if I was not going to be hired, so why would she waste her breath? It must have been a sure thing!

The interview ended with the manager telling me she had other interviews that day, and that I should hear something by Friday.

Since I was so sure I had this job, I truly expected a phone call very soon. I began making plans for what I would do with my paychecks. I wanted to put a little bit in a savings account each week and not touch it. Then I'd set a little aside for paying down debt. I even told my husband that my money will go towards my gym membership and our cable/phone/internet bill which would free up a little of his money. Yes, I made big plans!! It was all very exciting!

So, Thursday goes by with no phone call, and I did start to get a little disappointed.

This morning I return home after going to the gym and the grocery store and expected to find a message on my answering machine, but alas, there were none. I was getting more and more disappointed, depressed, and frustrated. So I began thinking about calling the gas station to ask the hiring manager about my status, and suddenly the phone rings. The caller ID says it is that gas station! My heart soared!

"I'm calling to let you know that I've filled the position, but I will keep your application on file for thirty days."

Tears welled up in my eyes.

I think the most difficult part of this rejection isn't the fact that I wasn't chosen, but the fact that I'd had my heart set on getting this job because I was so certain it was a sure thing! I guess I learned a lesson here. If I ever get another interview, I will not expect or plan on being accepted for the position.

So, back to square one. I did submit around twenty applications for part-time evening jobs. Aside from this rejection I also got an e-mail from Lowe's stating that they were not interested in hiring me at this time.. at least they didn't get my hopes up by calling me in for an interview! I also know I won't be getting a job at Blockbuster because they've just decided they're closing down their store. However, there's still about 17 applications out there, and I could get a phone call for one of them. I also plan on going out and filling out more applications. I've even begun looking for day-time secretarial work on Craigslist. Sadly I feel it would be more lucrative to get an evening job as I wouldn't have to pay for child care in the evenings, but a day time secretarial job would look better on a future resume, and would lead to better opportunities.

Basically, my plan is to take the first job I'm offered! Wish me luck!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I am offically a College Student!

My financial aid has been approved, and I'm now officially a college student! Classes will begin next Wednesday, though I'm currently busy trying to get myself through orientation so I have a basic understanding of the online classroom. It's slightly overwhelming. I never realized I'd be graded on participating in online discussions and weekly summaries. However I'm still super excited about my future, and I can't wait to begin!

There's one New Year's Resolution down!

The potty training is another resolution I can cross off my check list, it's been successfully accomplished! Not quite as difficult as I thought it would be.

Finding a job has proved to be the most challenging of my resolutions. I've submitted around 20 applications, and haven't gotten a single call back. It's getting a little depressing. I went out for a little while yesterday to get a few more applications. Every business I walked into I heard the same remarks "We're not hiring!". Damn economy! I so desperately want a job right now. I don't think I've ever had this much trouble finding employment when I wanted it. I recall job searches where after I'd hit up a few different stores, I'd walk into one so desperate I'd be hired on the spot. I keep waiting for that to happen this time, but I doubt it will. It's really hard to stay motivated and determined with all this rejection. Not to mention, I'm running out of places to submit applications! I'm so desperate I may start applying at fast food restaurants, which I really didn't want to do. I'm not giving up though, my search will continue until I've landed a job!

Hopefully it's not this hard to find a job once I have a college degree!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Starting the New Year off right!

This first day of the new year has been a pretty good one for me!

My day started off with a message from my friend. She and I had taken our kids sledding together yesterday and the day before, and her family even came over to my house to hang out with us yesterday after sledding. Well this morning her message was to inform me that her husband wants to go sledding again, and do we want to go? My husband was working the two days we went so he missed out on all the fun. So we had an early lunch and both families went sledding! It started to rain when we got there, but we didn't care, we kept on sledding.. even the two dads did a bit of sledding.. but not the moms! Then sledding turned into a huge snowball fight, which was a lot of fun. It is so nice to be able to do stuff like this with friends.. and even nicer that we all get along so well! How often do you find a family where you like the mom but can't stand the kids, or your kids like each other but you don't like the parents.. or the guys don't get along, or something! We don't really have a whole lot of friends we hang out with. The last couple we made friends with, well, they didn't have any kids, and the girlfriend really got on my nerves!! So it's great that we know a family that we all totally get along with!

Oh, and one of my 2011 goals has been accomplished already. My youngest is potty trained (mostly)! He had only one accident today and that was while we were sledding. His only accident yesterday was a #2 which is almost always a difficult challenge with potty trainees.. we'll get there. He's been staying dry all night for three nights in a row now.. so I am officially done buying diapers forever!! I'm so proud of my little guy!

After sledding we did our grocery shopping and didn't go to Walmart.. as I promised I wouldn't. Problem is though that our new store doesn't have a few key things that Walmart has, like my 3 lb packages of ground turkey for $5. This store had 1 lb packages for $4! Yikes.. so I still have to go to Walmart to buy my ground turkey and a few other things. I'm thinking I'll probably split the shopping up each week. Buy some things at this store then get the rest at Walmart. At least that way Walmart isn't getting ALL my money, and that's good enough for me, at least for now!

Then I called my mom, who hasn't heard much of my great news yet. She had not heard that I'm searching for a job, or that I'm entering school (which still isn't official yet, still waiting on the financial aid to be approved.. I'll keep you posted). Well she is absolutely thrilled at the news! She is so proud of me, and it felt pretty good to hear how happy she was at my decisions.

So I must say my new year is starting off very well.. I just hope it keeps going in this direction. I'm feeling so positive right now and I love it!